A Mindful Approach to Eating.



Eating As a Pure Activity:

In these fast paced days and times it is very easy to miss the precious and meaningful moments that should be of importance to us; and this is also linked to something that we all do daily, but give so little presence to: eating.

Never before in the advent of the history of humankind have we ever been busier and needed in so many places all at the same time. In the midst of this, the art of present cooking and eating for that matter has become something to be rushed which often leaves many of us in a sad, unhealthy state of being only to repeat the whole cycle over again many times throughout the days.

However there is a way to slow this whole process down and bring an element of Mindfulness (bringing full presence with breath, internal and external awareness to one’s true being) when it comes to eating our food. Sadly, many people today haven’t taken the opportunity to see eating as a spiritual experience which can also be practiced as a Mindfulness technique.

Here are some practical ways that you can incorporate Mindfulness any time you are eating and in almost any setting that you happen to be in should it involve eating:

–          Slow Down: Chew your food with full presence and attention. As you eat, make an attempt to savor and taste each morsel of your food to know that it is a gift to you at the present moment. It is important to know that the food that you are eating will literally become a part of ‘You’.

–          Remove Distractions: Make every attempt to be fully present with your meal and if applicable to the people with whom you are sharing a meal with. If at all possible remove your phones from your view or place on vibrate so as to not break the sacred moment. Try to eat in a setting that does not revolve around watching television. Many of the best parts of enjoying a meal are lost in these situations.

–          Incorporating Gratitude: No matter what your beliefs are about life or about the spiritual realm, incorporating a feeling of gratitude when eating a meal should be universal. There are many stages of deconstruction that go into the meal that has arrived on your plate. Being Mindful and present about this fact takes conscious awareness of eating to another level; a level of being fully present.

-Dr. Daud Scott N.D.;CHNP.


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