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“I’ve had a problem with body inflammation for years, and within the first week of working with Daud I could tell a HUGE difference. In the second week I started really noticing my mood and energy going up and I was even feeling more excited about life. Daud is great at listening to your concerns and creating something specifically for you. I’m very grateful I found his website!”

-Miranda M. March 2017.


“Daud, really helped my wife when she was going through a hard time. He is a good person that cares for people. I would recommend him to anyone who wants more of a caring person who isn’t greedy. He wants to see everyone well and thriving, spiritually and physically.”

-Rafi S. January 2017.


“I’ll make this short and sweet. When you deal with someone who not just talks the talk but walks the walk, you know you’re dealing with the right person. I trust him because I know how he takes care of his own body and mind. Daud, is a genuine man. He’s kind and well-informed. My family and I have worked with him for a few years now. I highly recommend working with him. Wish everyone a good health.”

-Henry F. June 2016.



“Daud offers holistic nutrition in a transcending way. You can tell by how he patiently listens before providing a nutritional regimen that encompasses and addresses the body, mind, and psyche. Thank you, brother, for everything and even just those healing words.
May hundreds and thousands more receive the gift of your healing.”

– Khem B. May 2016.


“There was a time where I was really physically weak, and mentally anxious and so much more. I really needed a friend. And then I saw David, at a gathering. He immediately tried to help me on the spot, and the I scheduled some sessions with him that were very enlightening. David is not just a nutritionist, but you will gain a friend who truly cares about your well being.”

– Farzi S. May 2016.


Meeting and working with Daud, as my nutritionist, is one of the best investments I have made! Daud created a meal plan specifically for my health needs and boy did he deliver!! In the first 3 days my energy level sky rocketed. I haven’t had this much energy in a long time. Every meal he put together is so tasty and fulfilling. I can tell that he cares about his clients well being and is always available. I don’t feel rushed when I ask questions he always takes his time to address whatever concerns I have. Thank you, Daud. I look forward to healing myself holistically with your guidance.”

– Carlin H. November 2015.


“If you are dealing with pain and want to learn what to eat to help it, I definitely recommend connecting with Daud. I recently had knee surgery and worked with Daud after to help me cope and eat better. Thanks to working with Daud, the pain is much less and I’m off 2 of my medications because of it. Very appreciative.”

– James B. November 2015.


“I am writing this to express my satisfaction from learning healthy eating, and holistic, homeopathic needs with David (Daud) Scott. A couple years ago I began a strong desire to consume healthy information and eating. I was plagued by many pills to aid my ailment. But still no major relief or curing. In addition to seeing many in my family struggling with illnesses. Then I spoke with Daud, and he gave me wonderful insight. As well as the awesome website Naturesfirstpath.com.  I follow it constantly and it is one of my instrumental tools. Learning and enriching my life, better health and living. Ways to relax and so much more.
I was so very pleased and how my life has changed so positive that I shared with many others.  And offered Hosted David (Daud) Scott at a seminar at my complex. The audience is still speaking about it, and their lives have changed too! My life has changed so much for the better.  There are many who are speaking and teaching healthy eating now. But what I am so impressed with, is that Daud Scott has been living this life for many years. And he is a great example of what good health and meditation can do throughout the years. Thank you David (Daud) Scott, 
Appreciative and Satisfied Recipient”-Pamela Willis. August 2015


“I have battled issues related to my gut for 15 years. Since being put on Daud’s nutrition plan, I am finally on the road to a clear, healthy path. His guidance, support and encouragement are insurmountable to my healing. It is a huge relief to have found someone who is not only knowledgeable but compassionate in his approach. He has taught me that healing isn’t just a physical manifestation but it also encompasses a mental and spiritual component. THANK YOU Daud!”

-Jehan M. August 2015


“I had the pleasure & benefit of consulting Daud for my high stomach acidity & gallbladder/sludge problems, that caused me lots of pain and discomfort, too much money to spend on doctors/medicines & a possibility for a gallbladder removal surgery. 

 I came across Daud’s work through one of his interviews on a podcast that talked about honoring the body through food and mindfulness, and although I am not in California where he is, I decided to consult him. I started a plan with him to lower acidity & target sludge. He listened very well to my concerns, and was able to identify the problems and put a thorough plan fast, and after finishing the first stage of the plan, which was mainly food based, I felt much better and the pain was much less, all because I ate differently. I am on the second stage of the plan now, and I am hopeful I will heal soon. Daud, is very knowledgeable, explains things tirelessly & suggests alternatives when I don’t like something on the food plan, for all of this I recommend him highly.”
-Faith A. July 2015.
“Masha’Allah brother Daud is a certified natural healer and teacher. He has changed the lives of many individuals through his teachings. He has been a pleasure to work with. He combines mind, body soul and spiritual healing in an effective way.”
– Samar M. March 2015.
“I found David very easy to talk with, caring and motivating. I’m looking forward to my journey with holistic nutrition and feeling better.”
-Terry A. September 2014.
“Care. That is the main word that jumps out at me when it comes to David. Care in his work. Care for you. He will go above and beyond for you. He really just wants you to be well. He puts in the time and it shows in the details. He is an amazing soul and I am grateful he has come into my life.”
-Gino A. September 2014.
“He’s absolutely wonderful and has truly helped me. He’s a wonderful strong spiritual person how has helped me with spiritual issues that were causing my life to be off track. Thanks to his help and kindness I feel I am able to move forward. I would recommend him to everyone.”
– Misty S. August 2014.
“Seems like a great and knowledgeable guy! I think it’ll be a good experience.”
– Aditya L. August 2014.
“I had requested help from Daud to help me make some juicing recipes to help me lose some weight and to feel better because I had low energy. Daud was very professional and on time. He showed me how to make simple juices and meals on a tight budget and with the foods I already had in my refrigerator. Quality work and plan to make contact again if I need to.Thanks again Daud!”
-K.S.-July 2014.
 Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015

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  1. As a safety measure, I would say try to avoid it if at all possible. Searching for pure and safe vitamin supplements can be a bit of work, but will be worth it in the long run.


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