The Vital Life Force Coaching Program.


After sessions with many Clients and discussions on what the most critical issues that are facing us in the quest for better health, Nature First Path: Holistic Nutrition is proud to finally offer: The Vital Life Force Coaching Program. This coaching program has been carefully selected to transform your relationship to food and to teach you how to begin the healing process for yourself. While individual sessions will always have an impact on your life, an actual coaching program teaches you the fundamentals on a deeper core level. Now is the opportunity to make the true change to towards the Natural Path and feel much better in the process while doing it. It is a live 6 week immersion program aimed at helping you make complete life change in your life with regards to food, health, healing, inner focus and longevity. The 6 week sessions are slated for weekend sessions to provide convenience and flexibility for your busy schedules. Each session will be tailored to your specific issue and needs, taking into account all dietary backgrounds and principles. Upon completion of your purchase, Daud will contact you to confirm your coaching dates and times. It is important to provide accurate contact information in order to avoid delays in your starting sessions. All purchases of the program come with a complementary meal plan. The 6 week sessions are as follows:

Week 1): “What Can Holistic Medicine Do For You?”

Week 2): “How to See Natural Foods as Healing Agents.”

Week 3): “Juicing and the Vital Life Force: Acid Alkaline Balance.”

Week 4): “Spices That Promote Optimal Health.”

Week 5): “Meal Planning on a Budget.”

Week 6): “Nutrition, Inner Focus and Life Change.”

*Please note that payment installments of 2 are available. Please contact for assistance.