Natures First Path: Certified Holistic Medicine Consulting.

Thank You for taking the time to visit the Nature’s First Path Site. Natures First Path is owned and operated by David (Daud) K. Scott a Doctor of Traditional Naturopathy, Researcher, as well as Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner. Daud has also received his degree in Sociology from Hampton University thus allowing him to  work in the Social Services field incorporating food activism, social with interpersonal  Mindfulness,  and Holistic Nutrition in his practice. Daud has practiced in his field of Holistic Medicine and Nutrition in New York City, Hampton,Virginia, San Diego, California and most recently, Los Angeles, California. Dr. Scott is the author of the best selling book Spark of Life.

Why this site? Why now? The reality is that many of us today are suffering and are  experiencing pain and discomfort on a daily basis simply from the things that we have eaten, which then affect the way we feel and then which ultimately determine the way we behave throughout our lives.

At Natures First Path, it is the belief that it is never too late to correct any imbalances we feel in our bodies as so long as we have breath in us. It is believed that most; if not all of the things to help us with nutrition and vitality can be found in our foods, and within the human body itself: The Natural Order.

Daud is dedicated to providing you with the most up to date, relevant and current information related to healing with plant based foods and Holistic Nutrition. We hope that you enjoy this and feel free to contact us at anytime.  Peace be unto you always.

To schedule a personal assessment for Holistic Medicine Services and or to have a class presentation please email: or call 1-747-281-5861 today. Thanks.

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