Unani Principles on Reducing Excess Phlegm.

Out of the current and most recent pandemic that has affected the whole world over these past 3 years; since then, the writer has come across many clients who have been reporting that they have been having so much more excess phlegm in the chest and in the throat regions. The reasons on why this … More Unani Principles on Reducing Excess Phlegm.

On Being Mortal and The Quest For Longevity.

Mortality. A discussion often overlooked within the Naturopathic and Holistic frameworks relating to a path of wellness. The reality is that all of us are on this journey of Life; and with all journeys, a resting period must occur. Even with the best of natural health, daily meditations, and physical movements; we are very mortal … More On Being Mortal and The Quest For Longevity.

It’s a Mindset.

*photo credit-Huffington Post. One of the most common questions that the writer gets asked often is connected to how someone can maintain and keep up motivation to get to a place of making health changes that can stick for a lifetime, rather than just for a few months at best. In this health journey, people … More It’s a Mindset.

An Immunity Shield.

One of the physical manifestations of a strong and boosted Vital Life Force is a strong and sustained boost of immunity as well. As with exercising our physical body and physique, developing and working on immune strength and resiliency may make time and effort, but worth mastering the concentrated skill.  From a Naturopathic perspective, all … More An Immunity Shield.