The Longevity Factor.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador. When thinking about health trends worldwide, as Americans, we have much to consider and think about when it comes to our attitudes about aging. Although we may have touched on this topic briefly in previous post, this discussion deserves more introspection because ‘aging’ as we think of it here in the West is … More The Longevity Factor.

Do No Harm.

  While Hippocrates most certainly was not the inventor of the concept of Do No Harm (It’s actual teaching roots trace back to African healing), this principle as it stands is a honorable one; and one that some health care practitioners treat with respect and some who choose not to do so.  The Hippocratic Oath, … More Do No Harm.

Elements of Wisdom: Traditional Chinese Medicine.

At Natures First Path, a special point has been made over the years to highlight and let you , the reader know about critical healing modalities that still has major relevance and importance in the world today. We have discussed the modalities coming from the healing practices of Africa, went over the types and ways … More Elements of Wisdom: Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Clear Digestion: The First Stage of Healing.

Every discipline has its foundations and pillars, and the first pillar within Naturopathy is a strong and functional digestive system. More and more research is coming to light on just why and how important digestion is in the human body and how without it working properly, many ailments can be connected to it somehow. There … More Clear Digestion: The First Stage of Healing.