Saffron: Natural Options for Treating Depression.



More and more and especially in our fast paced society now, it is not uncommon to hear and or know of people that we know and love who are suffering from depression. While many see Therapist, Psychologist and then ultimately the Psychiatrist; often time the end result is in the fact that prescriptions upon prescriptions for harmful psychotropic medications are handed out that somehow never seem to get to the heart of the matter of while many people are depressed in the first place. While we here at Natures First Path will in no way make the claim that all people who take psychotropic medications won’t benefit from using them; especially if their depression is severe; there are safer and more natural options out there for those who seek it.  But what we will say is that there are many out there who are looking for safer, natural, non-addictive treatments for depression, which brings us to the present topic of the possibility of using Saffron powder or root to address this issue at hand.

So what’s the proof and understanding behind all of this? First of all it has been well known and documented that consuming regular amounts of Saffron extract or powder naturally inhibits the cell receptors that trigger severe and prolonged depression, without all of the known harmful side effects that other psychotropic drugs can cause.

If these effect are known, why then are natural treatments like these ignored are at the very least downplayed? The sad truth of the matter is that treating mental mood disorders has just become big business, and many people stand to profit from it.  With this is mind there are alternatives to harmful psychotropic medications. Do your own research and discover what natural foods and spices like Saffron can do for you.

                                                                                        -Natures First Path Team.