Phytochemcials: Evolutions in the Plant Kingdom.



 That saying that we are used to hearing…”An apple a day keeps the doctor away”  is true in so many ways, and for many reasons that  Nutritionist and Scientist are just starting to figure out. What many in the scientific community dismissed as simple “Mother  Wit” are just now coming to terms with these realities; that food can truly be medicine if applied and intended in the correct manner.

Besides this, for many years, people were encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables primarily for their Vitamin and Mineral content; which of course is not a bad thing however over the past fifty years, it was discovered that fruits and vegetables also contain another life saving entity known as: Phytochemicals. Sounds like something out of an old Star Trek film right? Ok. Bad example, but no matter what it sounds like, these Phytochemicals just may hold the secret as to why the ‘Apple a Day’ statement  may actually hold so much credence…especially in these times.

So what’s all the hype about? Ok we will tell you. Phytochemicals are the natural internal self defense enzymes and acids that fruits and vegetables have developed within themselves over thousands of years in order to survive the harshest and roughest conditions in order to remain well and healthy; and it just so turns out that consuming these fruits and vegetables (which contain these Photochemicals ) in large quantities  in turn keep us healthy. Go Figure.  Besides this, there is present evidence that consuming these Phytochemicals in large volumes may act as a barrier to many different types of cancer development!  Now is the time for this type of knowledge to become common, especially in this present time of the Cancer crisis that we are experiencing all over the world.  With that said, take some time to develop a relationship with fresh, organic (whenever possible) fruits and vegetables in order to ward off cancer before it ever starts. Also, don’t forget to eat fresh edible mushrooms; whose phytochemical properties have been shown to have benefits against rheumatoid arthritis and infant lupus cells.  We as a human race are just now beginning to understand that there are so many different internal ‘chemical’ reactions that occur when ever we eat and digest something; our understanding of food is evolving and if we make healthy choices, these understandings of this evolution in the Nutritional community will be for our own benefit.

-Dr.Daud Scott-N.D.; CHNP.

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