Getting ‘Whole’: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition’s Crititque on Modern Health.



Once in a while there is a book that comes out that challenges the status quo and makes the truth an overall focal point for every page that you read; “Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition”  is just one of those books that does this at every turn. This is Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s follow up to the hugely successful “The China Study”, that was published a few years ago.

If you are wondering what makes this book a very unique read, we would have to argue that it is it’s straight forward scientific approach to uncovering the benefits of participating in a Whole Foods Plant Based diet. For some science may not be everyone’s thing, but for far to long, it is a voice that has been missing; or should we say silenced and or marginalized to say the least.

One thing in particular that is welcome and pleasant about this book is it’s expose on organizations that claim to be engaging in the fight against Cancer; when in fact many of them are overall contributors to the overall problem. With that said it also clearly lays out how the study of Plant Based nutrition was branded as “non-science” in the quest for the fight against Cancer.  The Natures first path team has been wanting to get our hands on this as soon as it came out, and we finally did. This book is a must read for anyone who is  seeking to understand the practical and the nutritional-scientific study of plant based foods in the war on Cancer and ill health in the modern era.  All the best and here’s to your health.

 -Dr. Daud Scott N.D. -CHNP.


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