The Mystical Side of Running Often.



There may be some who may wonder what running has to do with the concept of food- health but nutrition is not just what you eat and put into your body but also how you think, what you perceive and what you do with your body. Since the beginnings of human history, physical activity was a part of everyday life for the most part due to the fact that hunting and gathering required movement and constant awareness of the seasons which also required the need to move families at a moment’s notice; which in many cases meant the survival or the demise of the tribes or clans.  With this knowledge, it was discovered that keeping up a steady running pace gave power and endurance to the physical heart which meant the stamina to handle all of life’s challenges with strength. Over time running developed into sport and the effects of this can be seen all over the world as many people take up running for distance or sprinting or just to have running clubs as a means of socialization.  But there are also a great number of people who take up running to keep the weight off and begin a new life within themselves. Eating the right foods and juicing alone isn’t enough if someone is trying to lose weight; this is where consulting with your doctor will come in to make sure that your exercise regimen is right for your body type so that you don’t get hurt; over time you will just be able to go all out.

If you do choose running as your exercise path; know that there are many health benefits of: greater ability to sleep, proper digestion of foods, increased endurance, weight management, breath regulation, combats depression through the form of released endorphins, increases blood flow to fight off sicknesses…etc.   But there is also a mystical aspect to running if one chooses to look at that perspective of it; running can also be another way to practice mindfulness and to realign with one’s own being. Many times people only see meditation as a sitting practice; and while this is mainly true, there are other ways to meditate and running can be one of them. One of the best and simplest ways to do this is to be fully present with each step to the ground that you make all the while being fully aligned with your breathing. The writer has tested these techniques on several occasions with the run of the day and has personally found it to change the whole feeling of the running session altogether; even able to produce more energy during the run where it was felt that I didn’t have any at the start of it.   There was an article written about this in detail and can be read here in full at the Huffington Post.  With greater awareness during runs, one could slowly begin to unfold the mystical aspect of it all: that the Human Body is truly a divine creation; able to handle some the most harshest of treatments and stressful conditions, yet it endures on. Best to your health and happy running!

– Dr. Daud Scott N.D; CHNP.



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