Heart Electricity.

Being that the world’s leading cause of mortality is from heart disease and cardiac (heart) related complications, this leads us to a very big question: “How can we manage our heart health power especially during this time of a global health crisis?” Depending on which type of practitioner you ask, you may get several diverse … More Heart Electricity.

Powerful Antibiotic Properties of Oregano.

We are presently living in an age of over prescription of antibiotics and many times these antibiotics are prescribed for viral problems of the body; to which antibiotics can have no real potent effect.  By many current Medical Doctors admittance, the over-prescription of the various antibiotics on the market today has, over time really done … More Powerful Antibiotic Properties of Oregano.

Clear Digestion: The First Stage of Healing.

Every discipline has its foundations and pillars, and the first pillar within Naturopathy is a strong and functional digestive system. More and more research is coming to light on just why and how important digestion is in the human body and how without it working properly, many ailments can be connected to it somehow. There … More Clear Digestion: The First Stage of Healing.