Alkalinity Is The Key.

While the term may be popular these days, ‘alkalinity’ is much more than a catch phrase: it is a certain way of eating that can yield long lasting results in terms of fighting off inflammation and fighting off disease. Many may be wondering why eating on the mostly alkaline side of the scale is so beneficial, and it has to do mainly with the fact that many are eating on the chronically acidic side of the scale; which has been shown to be the cause of so many serious ailments.

Many months later, we are revisiting the topic of alkalinity again; yet on a much deeper level as to its importance.  Acidosis, or otherwise known as the body being in a chronically inflamed and acidic state, stands as being one most challenging issues in terms of health maintenance in holistic nutrition and Naturopathic Medicine today. While it could be considered common knowledge in the field, that heavily processed foods and constant overcooked meals is a culprit and leading cause of acidosis, there are other causes of it and these other causes can affect the body in more ways than one. Acidity is about much more than food. Chronic acidosis can actually cause a buildup of an excess of carbon dioxide which can result in less than optimal lung functioning (i.e. rate of breathing). When the breath is affected, this impacts the flow of Life Force throughout the entire body, eventually leading to a slow breakdown of the organs.

Eating foods in their mostly alkaline-rawest state can serve to combat harmful acidity that seeks to rob the body of its cellular energy. Yes, it is true that a certain amount of acidic agitation ­is needed internally in order to prompt the anti-inflammatory alkaline response, but it should not be on the chronic level. As stated before, its not just about the food; positive thoughts, avoiding negativity and being centered in the breath, puts the body an alkaline state.

Alkalinity, when sought after correctly places the pH past the neutral level (7.4) and boost cellular functioning, which stands as good news for athletes who train hard on a daily basis. For a list of the most alkaline forming foods, you can refer here. As we move to higher levels of understanding how to maintain cellular energy on the highest level, let us remember that maintenance of proper alkalinity should always be a part of the conversation.

-Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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