The Longevity Factor.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

When thinking about health trends worldwide, as Americans, we have much to consider and think about when it comes to our attitudes about aging. Although we may have touched on this topic briefly in previous post, this discussion deserves more introspection because ‘aging’ as we think of it here in the West is a topic that many would rather not talk about. But why is this? Why are our attitudes about aging are the way they are; especially here in the United States.

One might argue and say that it has much to do with the fact that almost everywhere we turn, whether on television or in ads; we are constantly being told to ‘stay young forever’. Now, from a holistic health point of view, it is ideal to have a mental attitude that stays young forever, but the reality of the physical world is that our physical body does age and it is a natural part of life. Yet this natural part of life seems to be viewed differently as compared to here from other parts of the world. It must be known that some cultures such as the Hunzan, Vilcabamban and Abkhasian have long been known for their sizeable populations of centenarians. While they are most certainly not the only cultures to so, they have had considerable studies and documentations on them to highlight their health and lifestyle factors. Interestingly enough, their health and lifestyle factors are quite simple: they revolve around clean and vital eating, constant physical movement and balanced mindset.

As a Naturopath, I am constantly amazed at how often I work with Client’s who in the beginning are truly unaware of the personal power and influence when it comes to their own health and wellness. Many of us don’t use our God given rights to be healthy; we have more of an influence and say-so over our health destiny then we would like to give ourselves credit for. When we go deeper into this topic we can conclude that much of our present attitudes about aging have to do with Attitude.

There are some concrete ways that we can shift our perspectives when it comes to striving for health and longevity today. We don’t have to become mere statistics of a society with notable short life spans just because we live in the West. Let’s take a look and three core factors that can help you if you are striving for more vital longevity:


The most natural and wholesome foods help detoxify the body and contain more amounts of fiber. Getting enough fiber is critical and has also been linked to better mind health and reduced incidents of colon cancer.  Remember the wide colors when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables. Try a different one each week. The relationship that we have with the most healing of foods can make all the difference as we age.


This perhaps could make the biggest difference in our outcomes to our health span. In order for the most impactful change in this area, to occur one would really have to come to a place of Love for our own aging bodies. While the skin may not remain smooth forever, the bones may make a creaking noise now and then; we can still love the process of becoming older and wiser in the process. Each book that someone reads on health and wellness; each trip to the gym only contributes to someone’s own well-being for the better. We can grow old in full and vital health and be a part of the process all along the way.


All to often we delay our own healing by constantly putting off better lifestyle choices and outcomes.  Much of this has been put off and thought over to a great halt and we my find ourselves older than we used to be. But even if this is the case, and someone is in relatively good physical health, we can still take advantage of the time we have to make it the best of. Yet in order to get there truly, this will require challenging the system and bucking the status quo. Defy standards by truly living and eating for health and longevity.


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