The Longevity Factor.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador. When thinking about health trends worldwide, as Americans, we have much to consider and think about when it comes to our attitudes about aging. Although we may have touched on this topic briefly in previous post, this discussion deserves more introspection because ‘aging’ as we think of it here in the West is … More The Longevity Factor.

Powerful Antibiotic Properties of Oregano.

We are presently living in an age of over prescription of antibiotics and many times these antibiotics are prescribed for viral problems of the body; to which antibiotics can have no real potent effect.  By many current Medical Doctors admittance, the over-prescription of the various antibiotics on the market today has, over time really done … More Powerful Antibiotic Properties of Oregano.

Do No Harm.

  While Hippocrates most certainly was not the inventor of the concept of Do No Harm (It’s actual teaching roots trace back to African healing), this principle as it stands is a honorable one; and one that some health care practitioners treat with respect and some who choose not to do so.  The Hippocratic Oath, … More Do No Harm.

How Nutrition Heals: The Bigger Picture.

On the quest to either get healthy or remain healthy, sometimes the overall essential message of Holistic Nutrition can sometimes get lost in the myriad of internet memes, documentaries and sensational headlines. Of course there is no doubt that these media outlets help and support people in their overall life change yet it is important … More How Nutrition Heals: The Bigger Picture.

Why More Men Should Care about Natural Health and Healing.

0786. While recently having dinner at a gathering, one of those who attended asked me either insultingly or either as side sly joke…“So…when are you going to start eating real food?” While at times these statements make for ice breakers or a chance to share ideas it seems that there seems that there is underlying … More Why More Men Should Care about Natural Health and Healing.