Making Your Immunity Functional.

What does it mean when you hear this term? In all, it means taking an active role in boosting the immunity response within you, rather than taking a passive stance and role. Once again, we are talking about bringing personal responsibility into the discussion, but this time directed at maintaining your immunity on its highest level.

If we want to make our immunity more functional, it must be known that your nutritional status can make all the difference as to if viruses and bacteria take a complete hold of our lives. Not upholding the true purpose of immunity can have adverse outcomes; making it functional has to be imperative. Widely known in Naturopathic circles that viruses and bacteria cannot hide forever in a body that has good nutrition; to do this though we have to eat in a way that is opposite to the S.A.D diet (Standard American Diet).

Overall, the S.A.D diet is one that is lacking in micro-nutrients; and it is known that the micro-nutrients that cement and boost the immune systems for the better and from there you can make it functional. The opposite of this would be taking an active role of including regular amounts of plant heavy meals, with a deeper focus of healing and vital herbs in the process of boosting immunity’ from there, it starts to become functional immunity.


Better foods influence our brain power, which, in turn influences our electrical field – which is a quantum process; boosting natural killer cells by a 50-50 probability. Intentions, our true intentions are the difference between illness, health, or even declining towards death.

Our own future intentions about our beliefs about our own health and well-being and the strength of the immune system influences every other moment, backwards and forwards. We can reclaim lost time and build up a positive outlook for better health for our future. This way of thinking and moving forward electrifies our health field and elevates us higher. This is a part of the new medical thinking that was spoken of earlier in previous discussions, and maintaining intact functional immunity is certainly also a part of that conversation.


©-Copywritten Material.

 -Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.

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