Systems of Naturopathic Oncology.

For every disease and ailment there is and can be a method and a way to address it in a Holistic manner in some form; and this includes cancer care as well. Even within the framework of Naturopathic Medicine, there are various ways of preventing and even treating cancers of all their types. Cancers are the third leading causes of death in the United States and is now spreading to other parts of the world.

When making the decision to enter into cancer care in a Holistic framework, the most important relationship is the one between the Patient and the Doctor as it should be. Naturopathic Oncology and the practitioner of the Medical Art believes in the principle of Vis Medicatrix Naturae– the healing power of nature and all it has to offer humanity. Within the system of Naturopathic Oncology, the overall intent is to keep the terrain of the body ‘clear’ so that cancers don’t form in the first place. However, to be clear, it is impossible to cure each patient one hundred percent of the time. That being said, proactive, aggressive, and even gentle natural therapies based on clean whole food diets, herbs, and mind-body treatments can intervene when it comes to cancer care- a plethora of documented evidence are out there for those who seek them out.

An unfortunate and sad reality is that about 1 in 3 of us will have a personal run-in with cancer in some form or another in our lifetime. The patient should choose the best care that resonates with them ultimately. Naturopathy has much to offer in the field of cancer care because of the large amounts of prescribed antioxidants, herbs, body manipulation therapies and an ultra-huge and complex array of natural medicines to treat them. Although there are chances that a relapse is possible, the physical body does not have to be subjected to over-radiation in the process. You should know that when most  spontaneous remissions occur, they are related to major changes in the cancer patient’s diet and psychological thinking. Dr. Neil McKenny notes that there are several main strategies in Naturopathic Oncology, some of which are to:

  • Improve the body terrain.
  • Rearrange the Epigenetic platform.
  • Stop D.N.A mutations.
  • Detoxify carcinogens.
  • Control hyper-inflammation.
  • Rejuvenate Vitality.
  • Prevent reoccurrences.

The way nutrition heals the body overall is a very big deal. It seems to be one of the biggest deals that often gets overlooked. Going as far back as the 1920’s, medical doctors like Max Gerson were getting outstanding and sustainable results with treating carcinomas, sarcomas, leukemias and lymphomas. The Traditional Naturopaths of the past and the present have made use of all the therapies available to them in order to get straight to one of most scavenging chronic diseases known over the last 200 years. Now is our time to push through, go deeper and take every advantage of care of all natural types to remain cancer free, overcome cancer and be the light of hope to those who may be going through it in their lives.


©-Copywritten Material.

 -Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.

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