Revitalizing Your Lymphatic System.

Taking a look at your body’s internal drainage systems can yield so many benefits when you know how to do it on a regular basis. Unlike our blood circulatory system, which is closed, the lymphatic system is an open one. We will be exploring how we take care of this system with the upmost care. And when it comes to the brain drainage system, that is what is known as the glymphatic system.

But for now, knowing about, and how to address inflammation, infections, and injuries is an important one. Because all of these issues can lead to trapped plasma and an overgrowth of toxic fluids in our lymphatic system-also known as the lymphoid system- an open system as was discussed earlier. These trapped fluids in our lymphatic system can ultimately begin to promote metabolic disease and an array of other domino effect-type issues because of it. Some may be wondering if the lymphatic system actually plays a role in our health besides just drainage. Yes. The lymphatic system also plays a role in boosting up the immune system, by clearing the way for immunity to function at its highest.

Through anti-inflammatory eating, and consistent regular exercise that consists of up and down bounce movements – rebounding, we can take regular maintenance and care of the open lymphatic system. This allows the capillaries to stay open, allowing waste to come out. Rebounding is a secret of healing this system because it pushes Life Force energy upwards; the lymphoid system pushes upwards, unlike the circulatory system which travels downward. We are literally living against gravity and the pull to be sedentary and in a state of non-movement. Taking care of the lymphatic system takes actual physical work because of its upward flow. But in addition to the physical movements that must be done, there are some targeted foods that can be eaten regularly to aid in the process.

Core targeted foods that can impact the lymphatic system for the better are chia and ground flax seed, pumpkin, berries, broccoli and charged alkaline water. When we begin to see the human body as a process of Life Force that is in constant flow and ever-changing, then taking care and considering the importance of the lymphatic system in relation to the body’s many other systems will make perfect sense on a day-to-day basis.

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 -Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.

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