The New Medicine.

The new model of Medicine into the future and healing for people, is one where the focus for the patient is to address illness at its roots; once and for all. This was the primary purpose of the Art of Healing from the very beginning, and although there may be some challenges and push-back in todays’ time, humanity is seeking a higher and more sustainable platform of medicine that cuts off chronic disease at its start points. If there is one that the last three years have taught anything, it is that immunity build up and protection, is one that the true and real platform of disease management is paid attention to the most. In this new era of true medicine, it will be one that is personalized and one that brings out more stamina and more resilience to illnesses as much as the person can do.

One of the biggest open secrets that some people have started to uncover is the fact that the foods we eat are not only a source of nourishment, but also a code of information as well. You heard correctly, a code of information. When we choose life healing and promoting foods, that information gets stored and sorted out in the gut microbiome, creating the right setting for healing to take place on the inside of the body first. This is the beginning stage of wellness, but less than 24 hours of nutrition education is taught in the present medical establishment. The era the new medical model is going to be one where the focal point is not centered on DNA only as the code of life. It will come from a view that there is no one center point for healing: the whole body is the center point. Life exists as a thread of interwoven interactions; and the foods, exercises, thought patterns, the ability to get proper rest and the ability to detoxify, will be the area of focus with the New Medicine.

That gets us to a point now where we can actually start to reverse metabolic diseases. Items like, ginger, black seed, olive leaf extract and berberine help to reduce premature cellular aging. This, in turn, reduces insulin resistance which can push back diabetes.  Chronic diseases speed up the aging process in an unhealthy way. But the New Medicine says that our life habits and patterns guide our health outcomes and we don’t necessarily have to succumb to chronic diseases as we move forward. Self-repair and regeneration through adding items like gingko biloba can also assist with cellular repair with its anti-aging properties. As this evolves even more, an emphasis will be placed on magnesium because of its benefits to the actual heart and mind. Having the right amount of magnesium in the body keeps the muscle cells vital, without depleting excess energy and interference from the brain region. The era of the New Medicine will use these tools because of the importance of heart and mind health; these two regulate many parts of the body.


The era and timing of the New Medicine is actually a respect and representation of the very foundations of true medicine: natural medicine. These healing art forms have been with humanity for thousands of years, because they work. Prevention and early treatment of disorders as a major area of concentration. Thus, diet, lifestyle and mindset where not seen as separate from each other, but rather a whole piece to be taken care of. We now have an opportunity to return to what works for each and every one of us; even if its just one natural form of healing and self-care, that would be one more thing you would have done for yourself in a holistic way. As unknown health challenges lay in wait for us as world, we can at least say that we have done our part to usher in this new and needed age of the New Medicine.


©-Copywritten Material.

 -Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.

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