What Is Your Vital Life Force?

Energy Medicine 101 – Common Ground Healing Arts

While touched on and talked about in earlier pieces on the site, it is worth mentioning and talking about the overall endpoint and path within Naturopathic and Holistic Healing- a farther development of your Vital Life Force. What the Life Force means exactly and specifically to you may vary from person to person, there are some common threads and definitions that can be applied across the board. Think of your Vital Life Force as that ‘recycled’ feeling of energy and presence that keeps you feeling charged from the time you open your eyes in the morning, until the time you prepare for sleep at night.

Its that flow of energy that encourages you to keep going further in your workouts and handle an array of task at any given time without hitting the ‘wall’ of fatigue. While the actual measurement of the Life Force may always not be measurable in a lab, it is very real to those who are working on it. In other words, your Vital Life Force is that access point of limitless energy and fulfillment that you (can) experience on a day-to-day basis. You may be wondering is that actually possible and how people can be feeling energetic all the time? But there are true ways to achieve this and keep the energy flowing and going.

There is a pathway on how we uplift and realign our Vital Life Force. Here are some core things to keep in mind when seeking to enhance and further progress the energy within.


Once again it is the Master Science of nutrition that sets the stage for our wellbeing. Let us take a moment to go over some starter core ways to boost and maintain Vital Life Force.

  • Chlorophyll’s Maintaining Power – Getting a regular intake from a source of clean Chlorophyll is one of the best ways to keep the body in an energized state. Chlorophyll contains the necessary antioxidants and nutrients to keep that body in an electrified and vital state. Getting it from clean, plant sources is most likely your best path forward. But in addition to this, getting the correct amounts of chlorophyll help build up your hemoglobin in your blood, keeping the red blood cells strong-thus better circulating the oxygen in your body.
  • The Proper Balance of Sunlight- Once we have flooded the body with clean sources of chlorophyll, from there it is necessary to make sure we expose our body to the right amounts of sunlight, that then converts that chlorophyll to energy that propels the body towards strength. The key take away is that sunlight helps us boost serotonin which not only helps us feel vital, but also helps us stay calm, forward thinking, and focused.

         -A Reality of Proper Bowel Detoxification- Making sure that we eliminate regularly on a daily basis is a goal that we should be striving for. When we are doing this often, not only are we clearing out bacteria that has turned to waste, but we are also allowing room and ‘space’ inside the body’s cells to take in newer nutrients, continuing the cycle of the literal flow of energy. Striving to have 3 or more evacuations would be ideal.

On a final word about balancing your Life Force Energy; body manipulation via in the form of Reflexology can serve as a great reset and way to feel balanced again. From time to time, the channel system within can get clogged, blocked, altered and less active. During Reflexology sessions, the pressure points on the hands and the feet are triggered to the corresponding organ, allowing them to function higher, to the best of their ability. Your Life Force is unique and can only be nurtured according to what is going to work for you. Knowing what you require and what will keep you balanced is the doorway to your Health Truths.


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