An Immunity Shield.

One of the physical manifestations of a strong and boosted Vital Life Force is a strong and sustained boost of immunity as well. As with exercising our physical body and physique, developing and working on immune strength and resiliency may make time and effort, but worth mastering the concentrated skill.  From a Naturopathic perspective, all able-bodied humans have the ability to build up layers of immunity that can come to your aid when it is needed the most. I’m in no way implying that strong immunity alone will keep us alive forever, but what is being discussed here is taking a path to learning about how to avoid common infections and illnesses and to be able to enjoy life, disease free until the very end: an immunity shield.

There are many Holistic health protocols that someone could take in order to start to build up and sustain a strong immune system; however, for the sake of this particular discussion, we will explore Dr. Scott’s daily regimen and path that he actually uses to build up his own immunity shield. The list is noted below, Dr. Scott ingests this Holistic regimen daily:

Turmeric with black pepper infused in green tea, blackseed and infused black seed oil, raw garlic cloves, 6000 mgs of Vitamin C, Zinc, Oregano infused green tea and one spinach, celery, and citrus fruit juice. One 15-minute coconut oil, oil pulling session.

While this regimen is specific to Dr. Scott, it has allotted a ‘shield’ like protection in times and matters of adversity. This regimen has been practiced over the years, building up and promoting immune resistance through healing the terrain. Looking at this, it may be a regimen that works for you, or you may only be able to use certain aspects of it. The key is to figure out and tailor your specific regimen to build your immunity shield.

Colds and other bodily imbalances may still come as you are building up your shield, but typically when they do come, people seem to pass through the situations quicker: building up Life Force is also building up immunity. Please keep in mind that Dr. Scott takes the above stated herbs combined with a lifestyle of daily exercise, daily meditation, and practices of gratitude. For more specific questions regarding dosage and times of ingestion, reach out to Dr. Scott directly.


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