It’s a Mindset.

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One of the most common questions that the writer gets asked often is connected to how someone can maintain and keep up motivation to get to a place of making health changes that can stick for a lifetime, rather than just for a few months at best. In this health journey, people are becoming more aware that sustainable lifestyle changes will always produce better results and impacts people’s health on a deeper level.

What has been seen in the writers Practice over the years, that the first place to begin on this path to lifelong health practices, is with the mind. Having a mindset that you intend to be healthier translates into all further forms of action after that; it’s a mindset. But beyond this as well, from a fully holistic and Naturopathic point of view, it is at this point were someone must realize and see themselves as an actualized Life Force: having a human experience. Laying this foundation gives whatever health goals that we are intending, a higher sense of purpose. It’s that higher sense of purpose that will give zeal and motivation on those days where someone may be struggling to keep their workouts or plan a healthy meal.

Once we have established the most important part of the mindset process, from here we can begin to take practical steps towards everyday health and wellness. Having a normal everyday routine isn’t always difficult to manage when the mindset is in the right place. Where to bigger and main challenges come into play is when life’s roadblocks and detours come into play. This is what is intended to focus on here: how to deal with those challenges and roadblocks that can set people on a path towards a full health relapse and sometimes and end to their health quest. Listed below are some of the most common health detours that come up and how to take practical steps to be victorious over them:

Vacations– Deciding upfront on how to tackle challenges before your vacation will always set you up for success. In this era of fast-moving technology, you can pre-search which grocery stores will be near to you, look up restaurant information (along with calorie information) and can also have an idea of what your hotel has to offer in terms of on-site gyms and if healthy eating accommodations are available. Going on vacation doesn’t mean all your health goals have to fall by the wayside. It would be yet another opportunity to stay true to yourself and your lifestyle goals.

Seasonal Events– One of the biggest challenges about being healthy in the winter months, is the lack of fresher and more of a variety of fruits and vegetables. While it is true that the summer and warmer months tend to offer more plentiful fresh produce, buying them in frozen form can be just as healthy and beneficial. You can find an array of frozen fruits, berries, green vegetables, healing herbs and the like. If time to thaw them out is an issue, you can have them taken out and placed inside a bowl in the warmer part of your refrigerator so that they are ready for you the next day.

Triggering Unhealthy Foods at the Workplace– Keeping fresh or dried fruits and nuts on or near your desk can be a great defense in this case. Stocking your desk space with water at the ready can also diffuse those triggers as well. Most importantly is to also bring your healthy meals from your home with you to work so that you are covered on all bases.

Roadside Challenges– Taking a road trip can be fun and doesn’t have to turn into an unhealthy scenario as long as we come prepared. Arming yourself with apple slices, carrot pieces, plant-based proteins, bananas and even fresh air popped popcorn can keep you full and satisfied until you reach your planned destination.

Weekends- Perhaps one of the biggest health curveballs of all. But just because the weekend is here does not necessary mean that you automatically have to let loose and take apart the progress that you had over the week. If you struggle in this area, a mind shift can be made in which you can remind yourself that health can be attained everyday and not only on the days that your go to work. If time is a factor due to scheduled events on the weekends, you have the option of moving your workout times around and you can even eat a healthy meal before leaving the house.

If the intention is lifelong health and wellness, then getting back to your health program after a slip up should become the norm and not the exception. Self-love and self-acceptance will the true driving force and a force that will guide you to make the best choices every day.


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