A Holistic Platform for Success.-Pain Management.


Not so long ago, all the medicine that was practiced; was considered to some degree, Holistic in nature. Holistic, in the sense that treatments were intended to get to the root cause of an ailment. On this path towards getting aligned with true and better health, sometimes unreleased pains in the body may come up and start to arise towards the surface through the bones, the skin, and the whole body overall. And to be more specific here, these may start to arise as severe body pains and headaches.

  • When we begin a consistent regimen of exercising more, experiencing dehydration can come along with it and become much more chronic in the process. In the beginning of the regimen, physical pain can also be a part of it. If someone is trying to adhere to the natural and Holistic path, they are trying to avoid over the counter prescription drugs. One answer to this is a Naturopathic regimen on pain management while working our harder and minimizing body pains, naturally.

While there are several protocols that exist on addressing pain naturally, a simple one is presented here that is utilized by the Natures First Path Practice.

  • A natural protocol for consistent hydration and restoration of electrolytes, includes 8 cups of water a day standard. This includes within it, a teaspoon consumption of pink Himalayan salt to bring about the hydration and electrical charge within the body.
  • A ginger, turmeric and black pepper blend consumed within green tea in order to decrease inflammation in the body. The enzymes in the ginger target migraines that may come along with episodes of dehydration.
  • White Willow Bark powder for body pains and deep headaches. White Willow is the natural form of which aspirin exist.  The conversion of salicylic acid targets pain as it enters the blood stream. It has been shown to be more effective that a placebo in trials related to body pain.

With less body pains, we are more likely to be successful with our internal healing, workouts, and Naturopathic plan goals. With less physical pains that don’t require medications to address them with, we can continue juicing, exercising, planning meals and look to the future of your life with optimism and full presence inside.


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