Iodine and the Electrical Balance Inside.

As we have talked about the internal electrical balance before, in this current discussion we want to discuss an element of healing that brings about that balance: and that would be through getting the right input and access of iodine.  Often misunderstood, iodine is a necessary component to our wellbeing, and a lack of it can cause complications in how we process nutrients and even how much stamina someone feels that they have on reserve. Iodine imbalance is major chronic health misconnection that at present, seems to be heart and core of releasing excess fluoride and bromide into our bodies, which can cause sicknesses early breakdown of body functions.

Naturopathic principles, however let us know that we can be proactive with making change and not just to suffer through illnesses and early breakdowns. One example of this is iodine’s role in preventing and adjusting glandular cancers; iodine deficiency can be linked to documented cancers. Thyroid related cancers are the fastest growing types of cancers at present. This can happen, because while in a deficiency state, cyst can grow and then harden internally; further depleting our Life Force.  Getting the right intake of proper iodine can benefit the body in many ways:

  • Acting as a harmful chemical disruptor.
  • Detoxifying excess estrogen in the body
  • Rebalancing thyroid function, which restores the flow of electric current within.


If you were wondering how we reconcile this with the chronic sicknesses related to high sodium intake and its connection to high blood pressure and strokes, what we are talking about here is unrefined and pure salt, not refined salt. Refined salt is what you would commonly see on your restaurant table and the like: blanched, finely ground, processed salt. While processed table salt has significantly small amounts of iodine (in iodized form), it is not in its raw state, and is also lacking the nutrients that come along with unrefined salt, namely: magnesium and potassium. Taking in at least a half of a teaspoon of unrefined salt like sea salt or pink Himalayan can serve as a buffer to electrical imbalances internally which at the same time keeps us hydrated from the nutrients.

Coincidentally, there has been shown a link between lack of proper mineralized salt and incidents related to anxiety. But if we look deeper, the connection is clear, being that lack of proper iodine dysregulates the thyroid, causing heart irregularities, which in turn regulate our mood. If we are choosing to maintain our Spark of Life, maintaining it through the right balance of healing iodine is going to be a major part of that process. The positive news though about this situation is that taking steps to adjust our iodine balance is relatively inexpensive. If you are feeling that your internal electrical charge is not as it should be, explore your iodine levels with you holistic Practitioner today.


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