Defying Stereotypes of Aging.

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We are presently living in an era of new biology and new Energy Medicine. That being said, we are also living in a time where people are living longer than ever before. While we have spoken before about this fact and that people may be living longer, but with not as much vitality; what we want to speak on today is the other side of that equation: those that are both living longer and defying stereotypes on aging in the process. Although this is happening now, there are still many prevalent stereotypes about Seniors and the aging process in general in this fast-paced society. But truthfully speaking, many people are finding and reclaiming their vitality after the ages of 40 and beyond. These trends may have come about due to access to deeper knowledges about nutrition and holistic therapies, or the fact that many have sought out alternatives to their medical care; for whatever reasons, these trends are growing. As the writer here himself is aging towards the latter part of his 40’s, and is also working more with individuals in this age and beyond, these are some of the common stereotypes regarding aging that keep coming up:

Prevalent Stereotypes About The Aging.

               – “The old shouldn’t exercise.”

               – “People past their 50’s are automatically senile.”

               – “Older people don’t desire physical intimacy.”

These misconceptions come up regularly in discussions with both clients and colleagues. Unfortunately, many have internalized, and many even believe these ideas in their early 20’s into their 30’s; only to have those ideas solidified and take a full hold by the age 0f 39. Yet, from what we know of living in this era of the New Medicine, people can lead fully healthy and vibrant lives as they age, with all of their physical and mental faculties.


If an older and or younger happens to be reading this and are wondering how they can break these patterns of thinking and defy these stereotypes of aging, here are some items to consider below:

  • You are never too old to exercise.

Unless told by your health care provider or you have a known ailment that prevents you from doing so, exercising and movement is the anchor of healthy living and longevity. Strength training keeps bones strong and shown to help prevent falls as you age. A regular regimen of cardiovascular movement is essential for the heart to prevent strokes and blood flow irregularities

  • Not always senile.

As a result of more people embracing plant-based and more vital patterns of eating, these have served as supports for keeping away brain diseases and harmful declines in brain cognition. Yes, senility is still an issue, but there are many that are fighting these trends. In addition to the foods, many are discovering the healing powers of turmeric and how antioxidants play a role in how the mind functions as we age.

  • Lifelong love.

Holistic patterns of living and eating have been shown to prevent later erectile dysfunction and low libidos in both men and women. Many have discovered the wonders of beets and beet juice, maca root powder, Swiss chard and the mighty Ashwagandha herb. People are living more fulfilling and gracious lives of intimacy as they age in this era of New Medicine.

The secret to success as you age is to plan early and start ahead. Yet even if in the so-called aging range, you can still make changes for a truly holistic life ahead. With some though and consideration, you can defy stereotypes of aging.


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