Living Your Best Life.

No apologies for striving towards better health and moving towards more Vitality. This statement comes at the beginning of this segment to reaffirm to anyone who has been having doubts or wonder if they are on the right path when it comes to trying to better their health and circumstances; especially if you were sick for some time. You are on the right path. On this path towards wellness and change, some of the biggest obstacles and sources of criticism can come from those closest to us; from people we know, the cultures we may come from and even surprisingly, from people in our spiritual circles and communities.

It’s important to know that the choices you made, you made for a reason and sometimes that can make others who are not attuned to that reality; uncomfortable. Knowing how to navigate these issues and situations can mean the difference between being successful with your target goals and being blocked and stagnate. We must not become stagnate, at all costs. A very big part of this issue related to this is the fact that, many people don’t feel that they are worthy of their own success. You are worthy of your own success and the way you speak to yourself throughout this healing process makes all of the difference in the long run and in the present.

The key to remaining steadfast and successful with living your healthiest and best life is to embrace self-love and self-awareness, while at the same time being aware of any negative inner talk that we may be saying to ourselves. If these inner conversations turn negative too often and too quick, we risk the possibility of self-sabotage. Here are some core themes we should be aware of in order to navigate around them to the best of our ability.

Blocking the Positive: This is when we not only internalize any negative feedback and unhelpful criticism that may come from others, but we then repeat and recite these phrases towards ourselves. It is at this point we are unable to see any good or successes we may have achieved with becoming healthier.

“I Should Have Statements”: What has happened is in the past. If we feel that we have fallen short of reaching a health goal or plan, how can we look for the main takeaways and try harder next time? Asking these questions, and then acting on them brings strength and resilience for the future if the situation comes up again. You will also know how to proceed much easier.

If we are wondering what the most practical ways to address these issues head on are: it’s about catching yourself and your thoughts in the complete moment. We have to be able to admit and acknowledge that we are acting on impulse and that these thoughts and feelings may not serve out best interest. From there, we can try to replace and reframe the situation and come to a place of self-compassion and love for the fact that you are trying to change yourself for the better, even though others might not understand exactly what you are going through. If true healing comes from within; then the ‘within’ has to be a place of peace and acceptance: this is how our cells remain active and energized.

Mindset is a major part of Naturopathic Medicine.

To live our best lives is to truly know that self-responsibility is an honorable and noble path. In addition to this, if in the mindset of criticism, it must be known that only you will have to bear the situation of illness and a health crisis, not the critics. Mindset is the first path of healing, truly believing that what we do works, applying it in our daily lives and sharing with those seeking some guidance on it. Foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals don’t react outside of what is happening within the person; keeping the right mindset makes all the difference, a difference that can put you on the path towards living your best life.

©-Copywritten Material.

 -Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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