Thousands of Years Old-Ancient Medicine. Modern Benefits.

Often times, when people hear or think about traditional, so-called alternative, or Naturopathic Healing to address or heal a complication, many of them wonder how valid and effective the treatments can be. The fact of the matter is, that Traditional and Naturopathic Medicine is an ancient art that is thousands upon thousands of years old. Ancient healing and practical techniques are at a revival stage and Natures First Path has attempted to be on the leading edge of this revival. That being said, how has Natures First Path positioned itself as a Practice and its core principles?

Balancing The Four Humors.

This ancient, yet practical baseline of healing in its Unani form is all about bringing the elements of your blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile all in harmony while being positioned to the natural exposures of life, no matter where the person is in the world. Through dealing with and adjusting these four humors that are connected to the earth-cold and dry, water-cold and moist, air-hot and moist where the breath comes out, fire-hot and dry; these are the pathways and healing touchstones that the human being finds balance. The intention is to start the healing process in the mouth then to the stomach via proper digestion, to the small intestine to and then the height of that activation function occurs in the liver. These affect all three important faculties in Unani healing: the natural- Taiybaat, the Vital- Haywaniat and the mental-Nafasniat. As a platform, this ancient pathway of healing has the standard methods that include nutrition, herbology and movement, but what is unique about this particular healing method, is its use of Hijama or known in western terminology as Cupping.

Hijama (Cupping).

What sets this protocol apart from others from that time, is that it is an ancient physical process to remove inflammation out from the body via subtle bloodletting; through various port sites. A non-ingestion form of healing. Another form of Hijama, done with slight blade cutting and scratches known as venesection, is related to this as well. This form of tactical healing is direct and immediately purges the body of excess iron, toxins and heat inflammation that can block the body’s natural ability to heal and keep circulation flowing. When this happens, this allows the herbs and natural medicines that are taken to work even stronger and also allows pain to dissipate much quicker. Hijama port sites on the body are conducted through and from the back, on the nape of the neck, between the shoulders, inner thighs, between the hips and on some parts of the legs. The actual history of various forms of Hijama, are shared amongst, African, Middle East, Persian, Asian and Greek cultures. All of which made use of the knowledge that the body needs to be ‘drained’ of stale and stagnate blood force. Just this practice alone may benefit someone’s circulatory and digestive needs.

The Flowing Spirit (Pneuma).

The Vital Air and the proper flow of it is in all things. When understood, this activates all areas of growth, adaption, and nutrition for the person. The quality of the soil affects the quality of the food and plants which develops us. From the Unani and Naturopathic path, these Vital Life Forces are carried out by the lungs and dispersed throughout the body. However, the pinnacle and true height of energy activation is out from the liver. This process takes into account the connection of the elements, the earth energy, the soil energy and the body force, all connected and working in unison.

Spice Factors.

A critical part of ancient medical healing was the understanding and the use of spices. Spices, activate bioavailability of nutrients and spark the healing process in conjunction with the other topics we have discussed here. Spices have played a role in natural and ancient medicine since the beginning of man. Some of the lesser talked about spices that aid in health are starting to make comeback in health conversations again. Cayenne pepper has been used to boost metabolism and helps with food borne illnesses and pathogens. Peppermint was used to control nausea, standing imbalance and irritable bowel syndrome. Rosemary and oregano have been used to help brain function and at the same time fight off infections as an anti-bacterial. And black peppercorns were used to prevent cancerous tumors from springing up.  These are health issues that are still dealt with today, if not more. Many practitioners are adding these treatment spices within the protocol that they give their patients and clients. These are prime examples of how ancient medicine and modern challenges can meet. There may be some things that may happen in someone’s life that are out of our control, but things that are in our control are the ancient techniques of healing that we choose to bring into our life in this modern time.

This makes up the sum total of how Life Force moves. This is what was understood in ancient healing techniques; the interconnectedness of everything. From balancing the four humors, to releasing toxic blood, to understanding Vital Air and how the lungs take them in, to understanding the soil and the food it gives out: each part has an impact on the human experience. Understanding the flow of it all brings ancient medicine to the modern health challenge.

©-Copywritten Material.

 -Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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