Energy Hacks For A Stronger Morning.

When we wake up in the morning; besides feeling refreshed, do we wake up with power and strong vitality?­­­­­­ In an era where caffeine is readily available to ingest in the mornings, there are many who are looking to find a more sustained and natural way to have energy long term without the feeling of a crash that comes later on in the day. That being said, there are some simple natural energy hacks that we can use to get a faster and more sustained energy feeling in the morning, to start us off stronger and with much more power. This is of special importance for those who live an active lifestyle by working out and for those who exercise early in the morning. These tried-and-true hacks are personally used as a practitioner to keep that surge of energy going. Let’s explore some quick surging energy hacks that can be used daily, for a stronger morning:

Infused Oregano Water– Oregano is naturally rich in antioxidants. When infused in water, these antioxidants are released naturally in the liquid, creating a natural pick-me-up drink. The core antioxidants are carvacrol and thymol that affect the cells directly for more power. They also help fight off bacteria that would otherwise make someone feel tired and sluggish.

Sliced Beet Root– Beets are an energy powerhouse. There have been several scientific studies to indicate that beets contain specific nitrates that unlock energy receptors in the mitochondria. When this happens, the person can feel much more energetic and can even sustain their workouts or task longer by increasing oxygen use more than 20 percent. Sliced beets can also be infused in water or juiced as well.

Cacao Shots– Loaded with significant amounts of iron and magnesium, cacao stands as a long-used source of natural energy for thousands of years.  Cultivated by the Mayans, cacao naturally raises nitric oxide levels, giving the body the energy it needs to press forward. It does this, while at the same time lowering blood pressure.  To make a cacao shot, is as easy as placing one full tablespoon of raw cacao powder in a small tea cup shot glass size and mixing it with your favorite warm plant-based milk. Lightly sweeten and enjoy.

These 3 simple, yet very powerful energy hacks could mean the difference between powering through your morning foggy headed or flying through your workouts with full vigor. Knowing how to boost the energy is critical, but to know the things that rob us of our energy during the night can give clarity on any adjustments that we need to make, to have a stronger morning.


One of the first missteps that occur at night are eating and ingesting the wrong foods. Primarily excess processed foods; especially eating a lot of white processed foods. When this happens, it puts the body in an inflammatory state which can lead to sluggishness in the morning. Chemical exposures are another source of energy depletion; the chemicals disrupt the hormones. Lack of consistent sunshine affects someone’s energy levels for the main reason that no intake of natural Vitamin D is occurring.  And the biggest culprit of them all is lack of consistent sleep. Disrupted sleep patterns rob the body’s ability to synthesize nutrients and minerals, thus leaving someone drained and tired in the morning. Vital Life Force energy is a a process that requires maintenance and nurturing; this happens by making sure the right nutrients are coming in at all times for full power.

We can have mornings full of energy and focus when we take the time to give the body what it needs to stay strong. All of the items listed above as close as your nearest supermarket, or they could be in your kitchen already. Whatever the case, lets use them to our benefit and tap into that early morning power.

©-Copywritten Material.

 -Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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