Unani Principles on Reducing Excess Phlegm.

Out of the current and most recent pandemic that has affected the whole world over these past 3 years; since then, the writer has come across many clients who have been reporting that they have been having so much more excess phlegm in the chest and in the throat regions. The reasons on why this is occurring is a separate conversation in itself; but for now, we will discuss practical steps that someone can take to keep the excess liquid and phlegm down, in order to heal fully.

From an Unani perspective, the excess buildup of phlegm is a result of excess cold, damp and moist presence of their essence that keeps the body form reaching any level or normal ‘internal dryness’. This fits into the 3rd humoral pattern within Unani treatment, which is to balance the Balgham (phlegm humor) association. The long and the short of it is, the quickest way to eliminate the excess liquid state in the body is to is to raise the internal ‘fire’ temperature and to bring on a level of stable heat and dryness. The cold nature of phlegm is to slow down and stagnate overall. This in itself is not always bad or harmful; there are times when the body does to cool down and make use of some amounts of phlegm; but not when it is chronic. Forcing the Vital Life Force and heating it up is what is needed at this point when the body is in a state of excess moist temperament.

For those experiencing long and lingering symptoms of excess mucus and phlegm in the post-pandemic era, when it comes to the foods that we are eating, the focus should be on raising the heat energy to bring balance and healing to reduce moisture that has gone uncontrolled. To reduce moisture, one should sparingly drink sweet juices, if any at all. In addition to this, either cutting back or reducing all dairy products, cutting back on cucumbers, melons and processed sweets are very helpful in keeping the excess phlegm humor down.

So those are the things we want to be avoiding in order not to bring about the excess cold, but what should we be concentrating on in order to raise the internal heat level? Some of the best herbs at our disposal to do this are herbs like fenugreek, juniper seeds, long pepper and cayenne pepper. On the surface that is a good place to start with. But when symptoms are in excess, we can add a rotation of cinnamon, valerian, black raisins, and cardamom into our daily eating routine. It has been shown that some type of results usually yields within 9 days: if not sooner. Please remember that everyone’s healing path is unique and different.  But the point is to start a path forward to raise the heat level in the body after lingering mucus symptoms seem to be taking over. The Unani system of treatment operates off of balancing the 4 humors within the body and being.  When we are in true balance, this is where health is not only maintained, but also where it thrives.

©-Copywritten Material.

   -Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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