Following The Path of The Masters of Holistic Health.

Those who have led the way on how to lead a healthier and better life, is the focus in this body of work that you read. It is in their works and life’s commitment that millions around the world have been touched and guided towards the path of self-healing and knowing its limits as well.

Natures First Path prides its practice on the shoulders of some core healers of True Medicine experts, whose works have had great impacts. To get a greater understanding of the psychology and mindset of this Practice.

Hakim Abu Ali al Husayn Abd Allah Ibn SinaAvicenna.

Noted as the Prince of Physicians, his works have been insurmountable to all current bodies of Medicine; all bodies of it. His works have influenced this Practice by his example of overcoming hardships and adversity. If someone would read about his known life, he had to excel through some serious hardships, even some of his own people and even having some of his works and speeches suppressed. Out of these challenges and hardships, he was able to complete the Book of Healing (Kitab-Al Shifa) and his Magnum Opus- The Canon of Medicine (Qanun Al Tibb).  The Canon of Medicine was reverenced for over 10 centuries and it was a part of standard reading and curriculum in medical schools all over the world. His spirt of perseverance echoes throughout the Natures First Path, Practice. His own unique comprehension of Tibb and the four humors in terms of adjusting Vital Life Force, brings the Hakim-wisdom, and evaluation to deeper understanding of Medicine for Natures First Path.

Dr. Herbert Shelton.

Dr. Shelton’s understanding and beliefs related to the concepts of Natural Hygiene and Traditional Naturopathy are a big part of the writer’s work and approach when it comes to dealing with patients and clients. In addition to this, his implementation of fasting and detoxification through raw foods and heat purging brought Naturopathy to life and made it understandable in easy to know terms for the people seeking his help. This is something that this Practice has tried to do, make things easy and understandable so that people can get healthy and well without complications.

Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Iridology eye analysis and documentation is one of the three core foundations of the Natures First Path Practice. One of the things that Dr. Jensen was able to do is bring the knowledge and application of this holistic art to the Western United States. Iridology, the reflexology of the eyes, has allowed many people to get to the heart of some of their most challenging health issues, by getting a deeper understanding of what organs are imbalanced and what foods and herbs to use for them; we have Dr. Jensen to thank for its availability in the west today.


The African Holistic Medical System.

Lastly but certainly not least, the writer wanted to give honor and remind everyone that all medicine forms that we know of today, originated in Africa, the birthplace of humanity. Medical arts sprung out from there and as they reached the different 7 continents, the medical forms took their own shape and form, based on the needs and cultures of the people. Naturopathy, homeopathy, herbology, Bach Flower remedies, holistic nutrition and the like, were all present in different parts of Africa. Imhotep personally oversaw 20 different medical schools during the period of Black Egypt. Thus, it is well known but often overlooked that even Hippocrates learned from the African medical systems, to which he took that knowledge back to Greece.  

Namely, the true origins of herbology, holistic diagnosis and treatment methods as we know them came forth from the regions of Mali, Songhai, and Kush. Over time, these forms took a methodology of their own and modified by each culture. As the knowledge of the African Healing systems were needed in various parts of Europe, those herbs and knowledges were raided, and their resources became depleted. And as the term goes, the rest is history. But even with this, some communities were able to retain their healing and herbal systems. In addition to this, many African slaves brought this secret knowledge of holistic healing to the western world; Natures First Path has made a humble attempt to be a part of their legacy and namesake.


Prevention is truly the best medicine, and all of the influences mentioned above have stressed the importance of prevention and balance when it comes to maintaining health; this is why we refer to them as the Masters of Holistic Health. People have been seeking preventative methods of treatment before things become unmanageable with a health crisis. In this modern era, may we not forget those of the past and the present who gave of their very lives, the art of True Medicine, so that we may thrive at our best levels.

©-Copywritten Material.

 -Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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