Knowing When to Rest.

While many of the things discussed here on the Natures First Path site is most related to Vital Life Force energy and movement, a very big part of Naturopathic wellness is also rooted in the foundation of resting the body for healing as well as peace of mind and spirit. We spoke previously about how sleep-debt can have profound health consequences if not acted on properly; and not getting enough rest beforehand can play a part in leading up to poor sleeping patterns, thus manifesting itself as an illness.

Naturopathy, at its core is about using common sense judgement and principles in conjunction with the natural elements around us.  Listening to your body, especially when it is in a sleep and rest deprived state would seem to make for good personal judgement. Yet, this takes focus today in a time when to have a personal moment by yourself in which the mind does not have to be active, is rare.  A lot of deep healing and repairing can take place when we give it the proper rest and sleep that it needs. According to many founding fathers of Naturopathy, sleep was (is) considered: natures restorative. It helps with the recovery of injury as well as allows the body’s cells to regenerate. Chronic pains, fevers, gastric ulcers and bladder diseases can all be impacted in terms of recovery when the proper amount of rest and sleep are factored in. And besides this, getting enough sleep helps to prevent brain fog and helps to curb emotional cravings and eating when people are trying to maintain healthier patterns of eating.

Some of the biggest drawbacks to not getting enough rest and sleep: makes people more hungrier, triggers cravings and emotional eating, slows calorie burn and makes some feel too tired to exercise. These issues, when they are compounded together can create a cycled pattern that needs to have a break in the chain.  One of the best ways to start is actually creating a space of wanting to sleep in your room in which devices and other distractions are kept to a minimum. When you add clean and loaded nutritious fruits and vegetables in the mix, it provides the necessary B Vitamins with which to calm overactive nerves to allow for better rest. May you truly get the rest and peace of mind you deserve so that your body may heal at its best.


-Dr David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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