Modern Mechanisms of Iridology.

Health Practitioners since the beginning of noted History have, for the most part treated their patients based on what type of signals or manifestations that the body displays in patterns. Many of the patterns come up most in our hands, feet and through the eyes. Over the centuries, civilizations used techniques of Iridology practice to get a sense of what is going on inside the body, and which best steps to take for each individual who came to see them.  Both time and technology have evolved for Iridology practices and these evolutions are bringing to light some of the most overlooked issues of health imbalances: low-grade chronic inflammation.     

 But before arriving at how we get to that point in treatment, its important to understand how Iridology is used. Iridology is not the treatment and healing of the actual physical eye, that is known as the Medical Art of Ophthalmology. However, Iridology is the Holistic Art of body and internal organ analysis that manifest itself as patterns in the eye; and more specifically through the iris. Why the iris? Because believe it or not, the Iris has its first origin from the womb in nervous system tissue. From a Holistic standpoint, nervous system tissue is the most subtle from of tissue and energy, and tells the most accurate account of what is truly going on with someone: both inside and out.  To a Holistic practitioner, there can be no real change in health if the nervous system is not regulated. Early Iridologist studied natural light and how it reflects and refracts through the eye to draw their conclusions.  They were masters of their craft.  Early Muslim Iridologist described in the classic text:  Kitab Al Manazir (The Book of Optics) the crucial importance of taking into account of the fact that all health issues and health wellness patterns can be reflected in the eyes. This text laid the groundwork for later books like Causes and Cures to be written in Europe; which in turn would lay more ground for what would be described as Herings Law. Herings Law states: Healing comes from the inside out, from the head down, and in the reverse order from which the symptom appeared.  This is a major pillar of Iridology.

Centuries later, Iridologist no longer only have to rely on sunlight by itself. Thanks to the work and research of Dr. Bernard Jensen, we now have special cameras, lenses, computer software and digital screenings to go deeper into what the organs are saying at any given time during an Iridology session. That being said, what patterns are mostly shown in a session?

Since it is not a diagnosis, the current modern Iridology cameras and screens are able to bring out levels of: nerve strength, nutritional imbalances, how alkaline or acidic the body is, nerve strength, low-grade chronic inflammation and Vital Life Force output. In these times, Naturopaths use Iridology to make a final assessment along with all the information given to them as to what the best foods and or supplements the person should take. Its not a one-size fits all path. Knowing what the major patterns of inflammation are for someone is priceless. It pinpoints one of the biggest challenges to healing today. If you are considering Alternative Treatments for either prevention or while dealing with a situation, keep Iridology in mind as a complement to your services. It may save a lot of guess work down the line.

Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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