Deeper Hydrotherapy.

If we wanted to get to what the essence of Naturopathic Medicine is, in its most broken-down form, it would have to lead us back to Hydrotherapy; or the methods of healing through the means of using water. Hydrotherapy is in fact the main pillar of all natural healing methods; for without it, Naturopathy as we know it would not exist. Although we have spoken of this before Hydrotherapy has a deeper level as it applies to us in the Human world: it manifests itself in our own levels of hydration.

Maintaining proper hydration levels in the body equates to having the proper charge of the Vital Life Force within. This, we may already have some knowledge of, but having knowledge of how both cold and hot water used externally for boosting our body’s internal organs energy is a deeper level of knowledge in the practice of Hydrotherapy.

Particularly, both cold and hot water can be so important to healing for three main points in our body. In the lung region, application of cold water assists with regulating in the amount of air we breathe: in and out. With heat, it assist with the detoxification of carbon dioxide from the lung region. Another point of benefit in the area is when it comes to our metabolism. With cold water, it assist with excreting more urea out of the urine through the kidneys.; with hot water, it assists with alkalinity over acidity. For the blood regulation, more cold water helps with the building more leukocytes, thus increasing red blood cell count.

This is important to know, especially for the times that we are living in today. Protection and constant healing of the lung region, vitality of the metabolism and constant purification of the blood stream is the core of Naturopathy and how we try to remain healthy as long as possible. The starting point is with the water, and understanding the secret is knowing how natural healing works for all times and places.

-Dr. David K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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