“More Valuable Than Gold.”

Often times we associate gold- the precious metal to be considered one of the most valuable commodities in the world, when it comes to price per gram, saffron actually out paces gold in terms of price.  Based on 2014 data in England, some saffron growers were selling it in the range of $19.72 per 0.2 grams. If you translated that into a per gram equation, it would easily amount to over $190.00 per gram. When looking at these numbers we can now understand how the cost and value of saffron could be considered more valuable than gold. Saffron has been so coveted for over 6,000 years; it is a healing plant that requires a lot of attention and gentle care. If not handled and taken care of correctly, the bud and the actual orange colored stems may never grow.

But, while this may be great information from an economics perspective, saffron is extremely valuable in terms of its’s health benefits when applied the correct way for healing. As stated above, saffron has been used for many millennia for many various healing issues. Mainly, there has been extensive documentation that taking saffron in its various forms can help address issues related to: liver cancers, psoriasis, hypertension, wound healing and poor immune system issues as well as more.  By the fact that saffron can address these issues is excellent, yet it really stands out in one particular area, and that is with issues related to anxiety.

We have spoken before about why managing health conditions may also be advertently correcting imbalances related to mind and brain health as well in the process. Documented cases of anxiety are at an all time high, by the likes of which have never, ever been seen before in human history. Nutritional deficiencies, excessive stress load as well as lack of proper sleep may all be contributing factors to the depletion of the Spark of Life these days. These all have correlations to incidents of anxiety. Saffron too, has shown promise in addressing issues related to mild anxiety and depression and was tested head to head with a leading prescription drug on the market for it. In a six-week double blind trial with forty participants; saffron at 30 milligrams a day showed just as favorable results for those individuals who were given 20 milligrams of fluoxetine (Prozac). From a Naturopathic point of view, this is ‘golden’ information for the Clients’ that they work with who are looking for a practical and natural approach for mild anxiety issues.  It should be noted, though that consuming large amounts of saffron at one time is not recommended due to its’ potency and could trigger toxic effects if not taken slowly and monitored properly by a Practitioner. That being said, these are the days in which so many people are taking control over their health outcomes, which includes mental comfort as well in these fast-paced times.

Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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