Precision Meal Planning & Shopping in Bulk.

One of the most common issues and themes that comes up time and time again when working with Clients on their Path to better health, is the common issue of the cost of eating healthy foods and herbs when making life change. Now, depending on which perspective someone takes, we could look at the cost of paying a little more upfront,-should prevent a health catastrophe later on. The reverse perspective of this is one of the attitude that many of us Westerners have: which is to deal with the problem later on if and when it comes. Much of my focus with Clients as a Naturopathic Doctor has been dealing with working with them to shift their focus and mindset about the priorities in life which should include seeing paying for nutritious foods as an investment rather than a necessary burden.  That being said, I am fully aware that not everyone’s financial situation is the same; it must be remembered that many people are faced with the choice of paying for household utilities a versus eating for vitality.  Often times, the Client and I will come to middle ground as to what they can do to start the healing process; surprisingly, eating healthy doesn’t have to be overly expensive when we learn how to buy whole foods and in bulk.

Shopping for your food with conscious awareness can help you save money and frustration, leaving you with time to focus on what’s most pressing: either getting back to full vital health or maintaining it in the process. Weekly shopping for your fruits and vegetables when you are most free makes for better decision making and less impulse buying when you are at the store. Remember to shop the rainbow: having all of your foods in the green, red, orange, purple, yellow, dark brown and blue colors are the Path to wellness and a way to stay fuller due to all of the micronutrients that you are providing your body with. Doing this on at least a weekly basis is a way to assure that you are eating the most vital of foods and it also provides you something to look forward to in the process.

When it comes to getting our grains and spices in bulk. One of the most proactive things that I have done and in which you can do as well is to shop your local international market, if you happen to have one in your area.  Here are some of the super herbs and spices that you can buy in bulk at usually the fraction of the cost of the same items that are at commercial stores: raw ground turmeric, cumin, ashwagandha, black seed, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, chia seeds, oregano, garlic, etc. And many times, these international market stores will have a respectable supply of: whole, loose: bulgur, lentils, various dried beans, quinoa, semolina, oats and nut powders. If you keep them well sealed and in dry condition, these should last you several months, allowing you to portion them out as you need them. Eating from the rainbow and from the healthy grain category at least once everyday helps with curbing hunger, helps your body stay vital and most importantly: helps you save money over time.

As with anything in life, this is a practice and the more you practice with it, the more you will become good at it and you will be able to tweak your shopping related to your specific needs. Paying for healthy upfront doesn’t always have to be stressful and damage your budget. With a little planning and sincerity, you can always have healthy eating within your reach.

-Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.;CHNP.

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