Powerful Antibiotic Properties of Oregano.

We are presently living in an age of over prescription of antibiotics and many times these antibiotics are prescribed for viral problems of the body; to which antibiotics can have no real potent effect.  By many current Medical Doctors admittance, the over-prescription of the various antibiotics on the market today has, over time really done more harm than good. One of the most critical problems that this issue poses is the disruption of the body’s microbiome which is like the body’s own unique barrier fortress in the gut flora that not only keeps our stomach in balanced condition but is also directly connected to how well the immune system supports the body. When this system is destroyed, the body can be lay wide open for host of infections and low Vital Life Force Energy.

This brings up the question: “Are there any safer choices, especially for bacteria overgrowth prevention in the body that are less harmful on the microbiome?” There are certainly natural foods that can be considered when it comes to the connection of antibiotics. Oregano has powerful antibiotic properties and has been used for hundreds of years as a means to also fight fungal and skin infections. Now when using the term ‘Oregano’, what is meant here is the various forms in which it is used today; namely: loose herb, infused tea and oil forms.  When used in its oil form, oregano has been shown to be a super antifungal, healing the small intestine and healing the gut lining. This is ideal for people who are dealing with leaky gut syndrome. As we know, leaky gut represents the unabsorbed foods that seep through the gut lining into the blood stream, causing all type of health problems when it is not regulated. Oregano oil attaches to and heals these open spaces in the gut wall and act as an anti-inflammatory in the process.

When looked at from a Naturopathic lens, the prevention of bacterial and fungal overgrowth in the body may be the key to maintaining a healthy heart *(due to the blood not becoming compromised) and ultimately longevity itself. When the body is loaded with harmful fungi and bio-toxins, the heart along with all the other organs must work extra hard to purify itself from them and over time, this can wear the body down.

Oregano oil has also shown promise in treating staph infections naturally. Staph infections are mostly responsible for food poisoning and skin related infections that people commonly get. Just having this knowledge alone is helpful because incidents of staph are so common. When we look at this information much further, we can see how oregano can provide supports to actually work in the body when many people may not be seeing the full effects of their prescribed antibiotics; due to the fact that they were oversold and over prescribed to them.

Consuming oregano in general has also be linked to better cholesterol numbers, helps relieve pain and also can contribute to weight maintenance. As stated earlier, having oregano in its dried loose and infused tea forms are also very helpful; these should be considered when doing a prevention healing plan to boost healing and vitality; meaning these should be consumed before any illness has set in. But when even faced with a chronic situation, oregano in its many forms has shown great promise. To your health and vitality.

-Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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