Healing Chronic Unwanted Exposure to EMF Radiations.

While we have spoken extensively about harnessing our bodies own internal electrical powers via the sodium-potassium pump through the heart; being consistently exposed to external unregulated electro-magnetic frequencies, which Is almost impossible to escape in these modern times, has posed the question on ill health and the relationships to overexposed EMF.  Computers, tablets, cell phones, 4KHD high powered televisions, wireless earbuds and the like; while dramatically helpful and a part of the world that we live today, present us with multiple times throughout the day and nights in which we are exposed to EMF exposures.

These subtle exposures over time can sometimes compromise organ system pathways and Vital Life Force energy patterns and in some extreme cases, places the body in an unbalanced cellular position. On the more extreme position of exposure to electrical pollutions, as per documented research, connects claims to various cancers, broken cellular functions and alerted hormone levels, electro-sensitivity connected to regular headaches, fatigue, heart problems, and sensitivity to lights.

So being this is the case, what is the first step to healing the body from these constant exposures? From the outset we have to understand that it is about detoxifying daily and whenever possible. In addition to this, actually placing our self in a less electrically polluted atmosphere from time to time, and that can vary to spending time with feet in sands on the beach and or on and in deep forest wooded areas to reset the calibration of the body.

  • Green foods and green juices consistently detoxify the body from harmful free radicals as well as EMF exposures.


  • Reishi Mushrooms have been shown to heal and boost immune functions while the body is laid open to EMF’s.


  • Ginseng has been shown to slow down the EMF manifestation.


  • Green Tea continues to be a source of body healing detoxification of the organs.


  • Bilberry gives detoxification abilities to the body and also protects the eyes as they can spend long times looking at a computer screen.


There are of course many other paths someone can take to take to protect from consistent exposure to EMF’s that can assist in restoring function so that we are not bombarded down with unnecessary energies; I wanted to provide the simplest approach that a person can take from the beginning. Simple steps that can lead to progressive outcomes.


-Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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