Mitochondria: How The Cells Build Power.

Healing Power of Mitochondria

Throughout the many discussions here related to the Spark of Life, Vital Life Force energy and building power from within the body, it is very important to talk about how cellular energy is, maintained and boosted. Everything has a function, and the power function of the body’s cells is based on the strength and output of the mitochondria. Advancing energy on a cellular function, is essentially being and remaining connected to enhancing the mitochondria.

But true to the dedicated understanding of Naturopathy and healing, we can even use the body by itself to boost mitochondrial function. Here are some noted ways how:

Mitochondria are the fuel -cellular portion of the cell function, that the responsible aspect for energy conversion. The Spark of Life may manifest in the heart region, but cell function, through the mitochondria, carries out the power for the body.

The first step is to make sure that we are feeding the mitochondria what they actually need to thrive. It is noted that avocados, seeds, nuts, green vegetables and cruciferous vegetables all boost the Adenosine Triphosphate reaction in mitochondria to give the cells their power and vigor. Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts have been indicated as some of the most powerful power sources for the mitochondria to feed on. Foods containing CoQ10 have also been linked to stronger mitochondrial function. When the cells are at full power, it assists with proper muscle function, muscle contraction and chemical merging, in a seamless manner. If the mitochondria are chronically lacking in anyway, they will always be trying to compensate in some manner; this is where people can feel chronically tired, fatigued, unable to focus and in most extreme cases, can leave the opportunity for ill health to set in. The key is to power the mitochondria, first, from the very beginning for proper energy conversion.

High Intensity Interval Training – has been shown to boost up the mitochondrial function via by the channel of quick bursts of exercise.  These quick spurts of quick movement literally shake up the cells and flow them through the body faster due to the quick blood flow during those movements.

Cold Air (Water) Exposure- boosts mitochondrial function by switching to burn brown fat, which speeds up the cellular and energy process.

Massage- reduces oxidative stress and allows the body to detoxify sediment and minerals that slow down cellular function due to poor energy flow and stagnation within the blood.

The sources of power will always come from the inside out, and from a deeper cellular level, it comes from deep within the mitochondrial walls. As the conversion is from within, how we express it on the outside in terms of life choices can make all of the difference. Understanding this is understanding the circulatory relationship to the power of the Spark of Life.


Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.

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