Hydration is the Answer.

Being under-hydrated can be a major connecting point to a variety of health issues such as migraines, poor kidney function and stagnate circulation of nutrients throughout the body. Mistakenly, many people believe that they should only maximize their water intake in the summertime or when it is extremely hot. The fact is, we should always be hydrating when and wherever possible, especially during the colder and winter months. Being proactive with a steady level of water intake helps keep the kidneys flushed, assist with toxin removal within the body and is also a promoter of cellular repair. When we have those consistent feelings of fatigue, nausea and hazy along with foggy dispositions, we should be looking at the level and quality of our liquid intake that we take in on a daily basis; many times it is the lack of water in our lives.

And for those who exercise on a regular basis, they are at even more a high risk for consistent dehydration; drinking water before and after workouts is a must to prevent a breakdown of the body. And believe it or not, people are more at risk for dehydration in colder weather because people tend to drink less water during those times. Excessive sweating during exercise in the cold only exacerbates complications related to dehydration. According to a U.S. Army study, it showed significant benefit of the less likelihood of experiencing dehydration when soldiers drank cold water in colder weather, versus warm liquids for maximum hydration.

As we begin to age, we can slowly lose the natural ‘thirst signals’ that keep us wanting to drink water on a regular basis; the remedy is to have a consistent pattern of drinking to avoid those thirst gaps. Too little fluid in the body can result in low blood volume and this can lead to low blood pressure and the feelings of a loss in vitality. Along with this, keeping the proper balance of potassium and sodium in the body can keep the stability of electrolytes flowing, thus fending off dehydration. If you suspect that a lack of fluids has been an underlying cause of fatigue, its never to late to start hydrating better: your body will thank you for it.


-Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.

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