Strengthening Your Skeletal System.

Not spoken of often when it comes to healing Holistically, is how and why the maintenance of the skeletal system and its bone structure is just as important as the caring and maintenance of the bodies internal organs as a comparison.

Skeletal and bone structure decay, as well as malabsorption of the nutrients that they need can be avoided when the right preventative steps are taken. Holistic Healing and maintenance is really about not only healing from the inside out, but about having a strong physical constitution as well. As we know from our earlier discussions on the site, eating large and copious amounts green and cruciferous vegetables helps with keeping bones strong due to their consistent amounts of natural calcium, iron, Vitamin C and magnesium; but many people don’t know that there are some herbs that can keep the skeletal system and it’s bones in firm shape as well.

However, in the path of discussing skeletal and bone health, the topic of bone pain also goes right along with it. White Willow Bark powder is a well-known and common herb used for centuries to treat skeletal and bone pain. It works by the fact that when the dissolved powder enters the body it binds to the connective tissues in the bones to reduce inflammation. It is an analgesic. It addresses the inflammation of the skeletal system and it is also an herbal source of magnesium to address pain. White Willow also targets arthritis, joint pain, fevers and headaches too.

Eucommia and Achyranthes herbal combinations strengthens and rejuvenates structures of the bones-increases calcium absorption and bioavailability especially when taken from Plant-Based sources. This combination can serve as an alternate resource when it comes to keeping the bones strong for days to come in the future.

-Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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