The Case For All Encompassing Naturopathy.

Can the case for avoiding and preventing the next major worldwide pandemic be seen in the foundations of Naturopathy? Naturopathy and how it is administered throughout civilization; i.e. Natural Medicine just may provide some insight in were humanity may have mis-stepped in our patterns of wellness and how we can come back to the middle; back to the more stable relationship to wellness as things seem to be progressing at an alarmingly fast rate.

In particular, Traditional Naturopathy will give us an even deeper, more clearer lens as to what is actually happening in this era of Covid-19 and the like. The truth of the matter is that the pandemic that we are dealing with at that moment has been smoldering and laying in wait for some time already. It was the crossing of boundaries of earth balances that made it unleash the way it did. One of the core principles of Traditional Naturopathy says that when living organisms fall out of balance (in terms of health), this is when illness and pestilence can set in. This applies within the laws of the human species, animal kingdoms and the earth realms; in fact. Dis-balance and infringement on the laws of health make for prime opportunities for pandemics to occur. A major proof is in the fact that Covid-19 is indeed here, and its level of contagiousness seems to be spreading at a rate quicker than it can be hampered. How did we get here?

Naturopathy is a call to return to the simple and proper relationships that respect human health, animal health and earth health. It has already been noted that the most likely event that spawned the present pandemic, was through the cross mutated SARS viruses that were released from animal ‘wet markets’. These animals were (are) kept in conditions that can be considered sub-humane; and from there, people failed to follow sterile health protocols: thus, the spreading of the virus. In the pursuit of having these animals for meat or otherwise, the consistent infringement of boundaries has put living organisms out of balance. Disrespect for the Natural Orders are the sure way to more virulent pandemics in the future. Yet why is this so important now to understand? If looked at from the framework laid by Robert Thiel PhD., from the laws of Traditional Naturopathy; it is the study and a theory of health versus disease based on nature itself. Likewise, it is governed by well established natural laws with consideration to the physical, chemical, biological and physiological states. These two points have increasingly been broken over the past 60 years; we have sped up the use of natural resources for shorter term gains.  But with a shift in focus and concentration on making things better, going back to classical Naturopathic principles could be the antithesis to what we are seeing these days. Sickness and pandemics will still occur, but it won’t have to occur without them being eliminated much quicker.

Naturopathy is not something to be feared or ridiculed, but rather, welcomed and promoted. If we are looking for more sustainable ways of living and surviving in the future, we should consider 3 cases for the promotion of Naturopathy.


  • Naturopathy is established on the principles that call for flooding the body with an excessive amount of healthy and fresh foods full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. A vast majority of the foods eaten today, may or may not have these attributes. When the body is fully supported with nutrition, it gives the body a fighting chance to survive the next pandemic.


  • Naturopathy calls for patterns of behavior that puts a respectable amount of distance on the ‘imprints’ of behaviors between humans and the animal kingdom. Proper care and consideration would be given to the treatment and possible extinction of species. Wetmarkets would be a relic of the past.


  • Naturopathy would attempt to restore balances of the Earth’s resources, and natural earth resources from the plant kingdom would be included in the fighting of future pandemics. In order for this to come to life, protected areas of land to allow the re-growing and re-planting of healing plant medicines would be guarded fully and allowed to flourish.

While these three steps are just steps, it is a move in a direction towards the better. While this may be a challenging time in the world’s history, it also presents as a time to rediscover patterns of behavior that are so much different from the way life is being led now. It can happen, as there have been some smaller nations like Costa Rica for example that have turned their pattern of deforestation by at least 25%, and important healing rainforest had come back. It just takes a will and a vision to see that we need more answers. Naturopathy is a positive and helpful step towards restoring the order of healing.


-Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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