Healing The Body’s Terrain For Hopes of Avoiding Cancers.

As stated earlier, this present situation regarding the present pandemic is also placing a spotlight on issues related to pre-existing conditions and how they are dealt with in this time. While this present pandemic is still pressing forward, mortalities related to cancers in all forms continues to significant force to be dealt with; and still continues to affect men and women around the world at increasing-continuous speeds. As unfortunate as receiving a various cancer diagnosis is; in a positive stance, there have been more integrative and  Holistic healing outlets, movements towards more balanced food and lifestyle changes, as well as more people being educated on how to take a proactive stance on avoiding receiving a cancer diagnosis.

The greatest factor always remains: how can an individual set themselves up for the greatest outcomes to avoid cancers in their various forms? This question, actually does not have one specific answer, as there are so many factors affecting this: heredity, lifestyles, other preexisting conditions, levels of physical activity, food choices and the like thereof. Wherever someone may think or actually be able to identify cancer causes in their life, taking advantage of the time allotted while they are healthy and cancer free, actually is the best opportunity  to work on healing the body’s terrain in attempts to throw cancers off path. The terrain is the whole aspect of the body the tips of your hairs on your head, all the way down to the inner core of the cells in your blood stream. The terrain is the whole of you both inside and out. From a Naturopathic understanding, addressing the prevention of cancers is a fully Holistic effort: it takes looking at all aspects of people’s lives, to be ahead of the curve. However, for the sake of this piece we will be looking at particular eating factors, to set up healing the terrain before any incidents of various cancers try to arise.

Cancers are diseases of opportunity. To be ahead of the curve, we have to close the door on it early. Managing stress, limiting intakes of processed sugars, decreasing and limiting intakes of processed foods that contains significant amounts of trans fats, is one of the most crucial places to start in order to fully prepare the terrain for healing.

In an effort to bring to you evidence from controlled studies; there are certain foods that have been clinically tested studies on foods that act as inhibitors that affect: brain cancers, lung cancers, prostate cancers, breast cancers and colon cancers. These particular plant-based foods are: garlic, leeks, sprouts, cabbages, kale and cauliflowers. Of course, this is not the end all-be all of foods that aid in the help of cancer prevention, yet these have been some of the most consistently studied foods as far acting as inhibitors of the specific types of cancers that are mentioned above. The method is to get these various types of foods on a weekly basis, if not on a daily basis. To be clear, I am not asserting that eating only these foods will prevent cancers in all forms, however studies show that these put us in a better position for keeping the body’s terrain, fully Vital.

In addition to the foods mentioned above there are others that seem to support a Holistic approach to keeping the terrain on guard in avoiding various types of cancers. Regular consumption of green teas in various forms, food mushrooms, soy, ginger, seaweed, black seed, turmeric, Vitamin D and citrus fruits can certainly be wellness points and advocates in the fight of preventative action on cancers. We took mainly a food approach to this topic, but as we know, addressing cancers all rely on other factors as well. We should keep this in mind.

To be clear, each person’s body constitution and circumstance is different in how it keeps it self well-maintained; preventing and defeating cancers are not a one size fits all approach. That being said, taking up a defensive method of healing the body can have an affect as opposed to only reacting to a cancer diagnosis. While we have health, its up to us to use each day as an opportunity to heal our terrain.

Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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