Maintaining Cellular Nerve Energy.


We have spoken at length in the past about the path towards Vital Life Force Energy, wellness and all that it entails to get there. Yet there is another aspect of this: once someone does reach a level of maintenance with healthy habits and outcomes; it needs to be maintained and protected from energy depleting habits that seek to undermine the progress. This is the true secret to true Holistic Living.  It is a cyclical pattern of gaining force energy through healing habits, and then holding on to it as long possible, only to replace it again before it gets fully depleted.

This issue can be represented in the fact that energy depletion is represented physically in the shorting of electrical pathways to the body’s energy factors: the internal organs. There is a direct connection between poor electrical Life Force flow and disruptions of the organs, lack of mental clarity and poor athletic performance as well. So just exactly how do we keep on guard for not only remaining ‘healthy, so-to-speak, but also to keep up the stamina and energy as we face constant stress and barriers to full Vital Life Force Energy? The answer is to be aware of cellular nerve energy depleting forces and habits, and to maneuver through them as best as possible.

Nerve energy depleting habits can take place in several forms, but for the sake of this writing, we will focus on those that can be addressed at the time of this reading.




Uncleanliness- Inconstant or a lack of washing, causes harmful bacterial overgrowth on an external level which can cause sicknesses and diseases. The remedy is to wash consistently to avoid harmful growths from seeping into the skin and ultimately into the gut flora.

Unclean Air- Polluted and toxic air reduces cellular energy. The best remedy is to adhere to a Plant Based diet as much as possible in order to detoxify the blood stream and the organs. In addition to this, regular visits to forest areas, oceans and mountainous regions all help to detoxify the body.

The S.A.D Diet- If eaten regularly without break, the Standard American Diet is for the most part, acidic in nature. Excessive acidity causes a quicker deterioration of the body. The remedy is to keep an alkaline balance to raise up or at the very least neutralize harmful effects of over-acidity.

Abnormal Temperature Maintenance- As we grow and get accustomed to preferring to be either in a warm setting or a cold setting in an unbalanced way; this can lead to an unbalance of the body’s energy stability. The remedy is to be able to tolerate temperatures at both ends of the spectrum for full Vitality.

Inadequate Sleep- When sleep patterns are broken and sporadic, this breaks the internal circadian rhythm and the body is not able to fully repair itself. This in itself can be a doorway for so many health complications. The remedy is to plan for sleep as best as possible so that the body can repair on the cellular level.

Of course, nerve energy depletion can occur on other deeper levels than these, yet there are concrete places that we can begin to place importance on to make changes that can yield us results quickly. Remember, we are energy in the truest sense and behind the function of it all is cellular nerve energy.

Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.

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