A Holistic, Medical Transformation.

*Photo Credit: U.S.A Health System.

This present health situation regarding Covid-19 has forced the reality that not only are individuals responsible for keeping up with knowledges that will foster better health; but in addition to this the structure of the present medical system is in need of a transformational perspective as well. As humanity begins to venture into uncharted territory as how to deal with pandemics, while at the same time deal with the slew of present health care issues that millions are facing, it is clear the Path of Medicine of the future will be based on preemptive knowledge of self and also from a perspective of Energy healing.

The premise is, on a Holistic level, does our work, pastimes, food choices, everyday habits and internal energy state bring us to higher feelings of well-being and sense of purpose? All of these aspects which may appear to be separate to the untrained eye, are actually in fact all connected to the true wellbeing of individuals around the world. There is no longer any ability to deny the fact that when any aspect of our lives is not in balance for any reason, this places added stressors on someone’s physical being and internal body chemistry. If this is left unchecked for any substantial amount of time, thus begins the process towards the breakdown of the immune system and in worst cases, the descent towards degenerative diseases. The Medical Health Care of the future will be based on self-responsibility as well as Health Care system that has the ability to integrate preventative care for any and all who are in need of it.

This is the direction that conventional and Alternative Medicine needs to head towards; both may need to rely on each other for people with unique health situations. Everything we do in our life literally affects all aspects of it; this is how we begin to truly fathom Holistic medicine.

Getting better and preventing most issues related to health starts with the foods and herbs we ingest on a daily basis; however, it does not end there. Many people on a self-healing journey have discovered this long ago on their path. The time has presented itself for the Medical Infrastructure to start planting the seeds of Holistic healing.


Is this asking the impossible? Perhaps not. Some things are changing.


  • Vitamin D, although not run through any specific trials, has been encouraged for boosting and maintaining immunity for everyday health and while in this present pandemic it has been strongly encouraged.


  • Acupuncture has begun to be accepted more and billed by insurance carriers as a method of health care treatment.


  • Health coaching is now being integrated in work circles as a method of weight loss management.


  • Mindfulness is slowly gaining acceptance in medical circles as a method of stress reduction.


  • Nutritional Medicine *(especially Plant-Based) has been accepted and embraced by many well known Medical Doctors and has countless peer reviewed studies on its efficacy in prevention of major diseases.


Which each generation, changes occur in health treatment systems. As humanity begins to look for more sustainable approaches to deal with health issues and pandemics as a whole: it can only return to the Naturopathic Way, with integration available if needed. There have been actual studies that show that the human body, literally emits photos of light on a subtle level. The question at large is how are we nurturing that light and what’s the overall purpose of it? This is the open, yet hidden secret that each one of us has a purpose and a role to play in the advancement of conscious thought. Maintaining one’s health is the doorway to getting there.


Dr. David (Daud) K. Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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