Foods That Make Antibodies.

Practically speaking, antibodies are the ‘Y’ shaped proteins in the blood plasma intended to null and void harmful bacteria and viruses that invade our bodies. At present, with all of the talk about antibodies these days, it is important for the public at large to remember that some foods and herbs act as natures antibodies for the body.  One of the main reasons why this may have been forgotten is because the ‘food as medicine’ concept is not at the forefront of our present medical system.

In addition to this, some clients may become impatient with the natural healing process of food and herbs, only to opt out for what may seem like quicker results. However, apparent ‘quick’ results don’t get and treat the root of diseases and illness. When practiced as a lifestyle, many well known common herbs and foods do indeed act as antibiotic elements: these are the cellular defenses of the body. Without over complicating this topic, here are some simple and standard food and herbs that can be used today to build an internal cellular defense for lifetime health:





Oranges. – Known for their high Vitamin C content, it boosts natural antibiotic patterns. They contain considerable amounts of fiber and antioxidants.

Garlic. – It stimulates healing properties to help and encourage the body to multiply more antibodies for the immune system.

Cacao. – *(Raw-Pure Dark Chocolate).  Cacao contains Theobromine-which boost immune system function. It also has solid iron and magnesium content assisting in keeping the physical body strong.

Broccoli. – Contains high Vitamin C content; further boosting antibodies as well as containing chlorophyll that balances oxidation in the body.

Sweet Potatoes. – Filled with nutrient dense Vitamin A which protects the body internally as well as externally.

Red Bell Peppers. –  Known for intense immune function and contains proper Vitamin C amounts without the sugar. This makes it ideal for diabetics seeking to boost antibody function.

Green Tea. –  With smaller amounts of caffeine, it boosts antibody and immune function with its content of flavonoids.

These are some simple approaches on steps to take to increase antibody and immune structure in our lives. It works best when we consume these on a weekly, if not daily basis. The path to longevity and internal force to surviving a health pandemic is through planning ahead. And this includes the things we place in our body; these things maintain or inhibit the healing terrain.

-Dr. David (Daud) Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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