Breaking and Pushing Past Limiting Beliefs.

As s Naturopath, often times I will meet with Clients and or people through out casual circumstances that hold certain beliefs about health and wellness; beliefs that may be inhibiting them from even exploring different avenues towards getting better. Many of these avenues mostly have to deal with a shift in understanding first, followed up with taking the necessary actions to make these understandings worth something impactful so that they don’t succumb to following the status-quo and end up missing out on experiencing natural healing methods. Sometimes, we as an individual person can be our own biggest opposition when it comes to experiencing a fully healthy life; not all the time, but quite often.

Holding on to imiting beliefs about Holistic and Naturopathic therapies when someone has never considered or tried them in the first place can have profound consequences; especially in these days and times. While admittedly, some approaches to diseases will have to be integrative (a mix of Western and Holistic), many issues can be remedied with a change in nutrition, consumption of more spices and herbs, more physical movement and a relaxing of the mind. Limiting beliefs can be both subconscious and conscious barriers to wellness: most importantly when it comes to therapies that have a long-time documented success.  Being open to the possibilities of true healing on the cellular level is a profound way to start the healing processes; it all starts by having true faith in the natural healing process.

We can challenge our limiting beliefs in many ways, however there are three profound insights that can be shifted today if someone is willing.


There is nothing ‘Alternative’ about Holistic Medicine. It has been labeled as such in these days and times only due to the fact that the current Medical model has been set as the benchmark since the early 1920’s. But in fact, Holistic healing was the only form of healing that was known since the dawn of humanity prior to industrialization. What is most different now about these times versus previous times is the fact that unmanaged stress seems to be behind many of our health imbalances, both physical and emotional. While Western medicine has made a lasting impact on acute care and trauma of the physical structure. It has lagged behind in terms of preventative care. Meditation is a core modality that has been scientifically studied to have results in the way people cope with everyday life. There has been a link shown between regular Meditators and healthier measurable outcome in terms of regulated blood pressure and heart rhythm regulation.



All autoimmune diseases begin and manifest in the gut. The neglect of the stomach can wreak havoc on our lives if not looked after. In other words: What we give our stomach matters. As a modality for the stomach, nutrition stands as the best defense. Modifying your personal nutrition plan platform means maintaining your own electrical charge. Electromagnetic and Biofeedback have shown great promise on getting a more accurate picture of our deeper imbalances that can be worked on.


Unresolved traumas limit our Vision as to what is important and what is possible. Over the course of a lifetime, many micro-traumas disrupt the flow of our health, vital energy and understanding. Daily low-grade Post Traumatic Stress Disorder events leave the body defenseless to various types of cancers, heart problems and cellular disruptions, which essentially lead to a diminished Vital Life Force in the end. Heartmath and heart attunement work stand as a modality to resolving items from our past that may be blocking our chance to experience the best health possible. A heart that in in sync and on time with the proper beat for the person has been linked to healthier outcomes as well. What we think and the energy we send to our heart matters.

If it has been determined that if you are indeed holding limiting beliefs on these three important insights and others like them; it may (not for certain) be a reason why you may feel like you are not advancing the way you want to in terms of healing; if indeed this is the case. The good news though, is that something can be done about it. This time of a current pandemic has presented each and everyone of us an opportunity to step up to the challenge and look to see what could be changed or advanced in the way that we take care of ourselves.  The platforms of Naturopathy do require that the individual be an active participant in the process, but the rewards can be felt in so many ways that don’t only relate to health. This is the path, and the best step forward is to shed any limiting belief that may be in the way.

-Dr. David K. Scott N.D.;CHNP.


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