Starting Points of Holistic Reflexology.

The body is always mirroring itself. Meaning that, what effects of stimulation that can be applied and felt in one part of the body, can be affected in another part of the body. This is an essential knowledge foundation of Naturopathy and Holism in healing. Many of our internal health issues are the result of … More Starting Points of Holistic Reflexology.

Hydrotherapy: The Essence of Water Healing.

Since the very beginning, water has been at the heart and root of all healing modalities; it’s important to know and comprehend the true importance of this precious element. In reality water by itself is a complete and full Holistic Medicine. Without it, it would be virtually impossible for Holistic Nutrition, or Naturopathy to even … More Hydrotherapy: The Essence of Water Healing.

Understanding Reflexology and How it Heals.

As Natures First Path continues to broaden and expand its healing and treatment modalities, we are now bringing our attention to one of the core modalities that has been added to the practice that can complement and boost the effects of Holistic Nutrition: Reflexology. As we know, healing the body takes place on many levels … More Understanding Reflexology and How it Heals.