Hydrotherapy: The Essence of Water Healing.

Since the very beginning, water has been at the heart and root of all healing modalities; it’s important to know and comprehend the true importance of this precious element. In reality water by itself is a complete and full Holistic Medicine. Without it, it would be virtually impossible for Holistic Nutrition, or Naturopathy to even exist.  It is a natural medicine because of how it effects and influences the body system. Since the beginning of recorded history we know that all societies used water as a means for survival and a way to slake the thirst of the people in dire need: water is the very life source that sustains the realm of the living.

Hydrotherapy, from the Holistic perspective is how the practitioner uses and manipulates the element of water to help their clients heal. This can range from the water that’s placed on a meal plan that makes the healing soup, all the way down to using ice for treating bruised body parts and everything in between. Water is such a diverse element that helps quicken the recovery and aiding process. So just what are the main techniques and ways that water is used in Hydrotherapy? Let’s explore below:

As a restorative and a tonic, to treat injuries, to relive pain, for some burns, as a laxative, to induce perspiration, as a diuretic, as a sedative and to relieve dehydration.

While there are other techniques used these are the main ones that relate to how practitioners use water in treatment. These are the things that sets natural healing practices from the ones that many people have come to know of in our modern society. Even within the format of nature, water is laden and embedded in the healthiest fruits and vegetables that we know of; many of which are comprised of over 85% water content. Yet while all of this is good to know,  it is important to know the most common forms that water is used in the field of Naturopathic Medicine and Holistic Healing.


  • Cold Form.

This makes up the bulk of our double compresses. It also acts as a stimulant, to reduce constipation and helps to aid the elimination of toxins from the body.


  • Ice Form.

In this area, is where the reduction of pains and burns are conducted. Ice is one of the most effective treatments for swelling and the control of bleeding.


  • Hot Form.

The use of hot water helps induce sedation and relaxation of the body. Hot water also induces perspiration and controls body spasms. When used as a compress, it helps reduce inflammation and pain in the hands and the feet.


  • Steam Form.

The element of steam helps to cleanse the body from the inside out. This is the secret behind steam rooms and saunas. When a patient makes use of a steam room this helps eliminate toxins closest to the organs and heals the heart area. Using the sauna provides healing for the external dermis of the skin and helps to remove harmful internal substances closest to bones.


  • Infusion Form.

Here is where the long history of water is used for cooking. This form comprises of the realm of healing with teas as well as the water that is used to make the recipes for complete detoxification. But is doesn’t just stop there; this also includes the ways in which humans have used baths and showers to bring about cleansing and the soothing of pain to those in need.

Water is an element that often times seems to be taken for granted. What would we do without it? One thing for certain is that life as we know it would not exist, nor would we. Approaching the understanding and appreciation for water Holistically makes us look at it completely differently. So the next time you are making tea, sitting in the steam bath or taking a drink of water, know that the healing elements within the water has far reaching effects than many of us may have yet to realize. Water is the synthesizer, the stabilizer and the promoter that makes all life possible, and heals it in the process. The best of health to you and your loved ones.


Dr. Daud Scott-N.D.;CHNP.


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