Understanding Reflexology and How it Heals.


As Natures First Path continues to broaden and expand its healing and treatment modalities, we are now bringing our attention to one of the core modalities that has been added to the practice that can complement and boost the effects of Holistic Nutrition: Reflexology.

As we know, healing the body takes place on many levels and ways; and one of these effective ways that we can bring a sense of relief and internal realignment is through the ancient and current practice of Reflexology. In common terms, Reflexology is how a manipulation of pressure forms to the feet and the hands affect and stimulate another part of a person’s body. Many people may go through or request a reflexology appointment for many reasons. Some may want to have it done for the sensations of relaxation it brings, as a way to promote the circulation of energy through the body or even to treat a specific ailment that needs critical attention; Reflexology can also be used as a tool for disease prevention.

Reflexology has been practiced for thousands of years; originating out of Egypt and Continental Africa then spreading though out China, India, Japan, Europe, South America and then modified forms also spread towards Western cultures to bring healing to people who are dealing with chronic illnesses. So just exactly how does Reflexology work? In essence it works as the practitioner uses “Body Zones and “Maps” to chart out a plan of action to work on a specific part of the body; this is usually done on the feet and the hands: most people report that they get the most benefits of Reflexology when they have it done on their feet. The feet represent a mirror image of the whole body; all of the body’s major organs can be affected through foot manipulation. The writer here would say that the practice of Reflexology is as equally important as good nutrition, mainly for the reason that it helps with our constant fight or flight response signals that we send to the feet. This constant and often unnecessary over stimulation caused by our fears, anxieties and worries can not only cause severe nerve damage but can also create a toxic environment for our internal organs. Regular practice of Reflexology has been shown to either offset this stress response, or completely make it rare at the very best.


Through consistent and regular manipulation of these reflex points, it allows the regular flow of Qudrah (Chi, Ki, Prana) to self-circulate throughout the body channels which then makes it a more stable foundation for nutritious foods. While the techniques may be different, Reflexology is safe for Adults, Seniors, Teenagers, Children and even small Infants. Reflexology has been shown to be effective on many diseases and chronic issues like: congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, heart attack prevention, heartburn, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, hemorrhoids, Alzheimer’s & dementia, strokes, sinus problems, sore throats, shingles, eye disorders, insomnia, anxiety & depression, allergies, high cholesterol, headaches, migraines, diabetes and etc. We will go into detail at a later time about using the treatments to either completely heal or greatly reduce symptoms of these issues and more. Adding regimens of Reflexology have been shown to be safe and effective as well as can complement any medical program that you are on already.

Moving forward, those in the field of health care are coming to terms with the fact that many of the things that are needed to heal are either right in front of us or in many cases already within us. If you are dealing with anything that has been spoken about here, consider regular reflexology sessions for better optimal care. May you continue to have the best health to you and your families.

Dr. Daud Scott -N.D.;CHNP.


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