Using Green Juices to Combat Allergies.


There are some people who deal with having chronic allergies and sinus pains all if not most days throughout the year and with that many people have to spend millions and millions of dollars on sinus medications and or allergy medicine along with that. In some cases if prescribed by your doctor, this may need to be to be the case. Yet in addition to this, there are things that one could do on their own to address some of their symptoms especially being that many plants act as antihistamines like stinging nettle for example.  Some of the best foods to juice for chronic allergies are plant foods like: Stinging Nettle, spinach, kale and chard. When you know which of these to juice and blend , you may find that some of the allergies and sinus issues may lessen; but please keep in mind that every ones case is different and always consult your allergist before making any changes.

If you are wondering just exactly how and why these plant based foods works to address the allergies symptoms, they mainly work by inhibiting the histamine receptors by flushing and cleaning the blood pathogens that trigger the allergies. It should be known that some of the allergies that people experiences are diet and lifestyle related and can be easily treated as opposed to those who have allergies that are hereditary  (and even those can be addressed). The chlorophyll that is in these green plants cleanses the pathogens and they are truly more effective once these plants are juiced because the enzymes are released for quicker action.

Green Antihistamine Juice:

One stalk of celery, handful of spinach, stinging nettle, 2 carrots, 2 green apples one ginger ‘knuckle’, 1 tablespoon of loose Blackseed (nigella sativa). Juice all together. Enjoy

Remember that many of the abilities to address our physical issues are in our hands and no less should be expected when it comes to issues surrounding allergy and sinus issues. Of course we here at Natures First Path always advise you to always talk to your doctor regarding these issues should you have deeper and more pressing questions.


Dr. David K. Scott N.D.;CHNP


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