Spirulina: A Closer Look at a Sustainable Food Source.



With plant based nutrition being discussed more are more and the ways that its adherents can get more protein into their diets, the topic of Spirulina seems to come up often. Yet while this unique sea algae packs on the protein, there are many, many other benefits to consuming Spirulina that many people might not fully be aware of.

Just what exactly is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a plant based algae that floats free flowing in tropical and sometimes subtropical lakes that is harvested for is high protein content.  Most Spirulina (in dried form) usually contains anywhere between 51% to 71% protein; which makes it a complete protein because within it, it contains all of the known amino acids. This is great news to those who are new to the plant based eating and is wondering how to keep up with having the proper protein and amino acid intake. Spirulina can be taken in pill or powder form with ease when you are having your evening meal or your early morning breakfast. But besides the well known protein information; many are not aware of Spirulinas’ many other amazing feats.

One of these Super-Feats is the fact that Spirulina has no fatty acids, thus making it that much more healthy for you to consume. In addition to having all of the needed amino acids, Spirulina has about the same calcium and magnesium content as  cows milk.   More and more researchers are trying to figure out how these simple blue – green algae could be so nutrient rich; some of the researchers contend that its success lay hidden in the double helix formation that it contains.

Whatever it is that makes Spirulina so well rounded, only means more benefit for you to take it on a daily basis; especially if you are trying to curb hunger throughout the day. Perhaps, however the biggest benefit of Spirulina is that it makes for a great sustainable food source in a time when food insecurity is still such a very big issue. Besides this, even through the food that people are eating; much of it is stripped of its essential nutrition: Spirulina can balance this gap so that more people can be more healthy. So the next time you have a chance to get acquainted with this powerful blue-green algae; give it a try, you’ll be glad you did.

    Dr. Daud Scott N.D.; CHNP.


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